Mackie Delivers Major Update to Master Fader Control App for DL1608

Aug 16, 2012
Master Fader UpdatedWe're psyched to announce a big update for the Mackie Master Fader control app for the DL1608. Download Master Fader v1.1 Updates include:
  • Ability to store and recall presets for all plug-ins. Quickly dial in a channel. Factory and user-defined presets available.
  • Snapshots and shows available. Store and instantly recall all aspects of any mix aside from mic preamp gain.
  • Device configuration is now available. Configure up to ten iPad devices for wireless operation.
For full details about the Mackie DL1608 and Master Fader control app visit Downloading Master Fader for free is the perfect way to try out the functions of the DL1608 mixer before you buy. To actually run audio, DL1608 hardware is required. DL1608 Product Manager, Ben Olswang had the following to say: "This Master Fader update adds significant features, making the DL1608 a complete live sound solution, but we're far from done. We have been gathering end-user feedback and will be continually developing additional features and functionality. That's the beauty of the DL1608. The update possibilities are endless." Master Fader version 1.1 is available for free from the App Store.  


Missing save button to save

Missing save button to save the whole setup. Once you have set all channels with its regulations of plug in there is the possibility to save the whole setup. Pino Marino

These are called Snapshots.

These are called Snapshots. Once you have your mix where you want it, press the Snapshot button in the upper right corner. Save a snapshot. When you recall this, your settings will return. You'll really want to read through the reference manual as there are many things to cover with this mixer and app. Here's a link to the reference guide:

I like my D-command, but i'm

I like my D-command, but i'm agree that you need a keyboard somwehere. For me it's the biggest improvement of the D-control.the two functions i use the most is the custom fader and the preview/snapshot mode.I cannot live without it anymore

From reading the manual, I'm

From reading the manual, I'm still not sure how to save a preset. At a gig, after I've got a voice dialed in, how do I select that channel's settings to be saved as a preset?

If you have checked out pages

If you have checked out pages 90-96 of the reference guide ( and still have questions, you will want to talk with our support team for additional help. You can email them at or call 800.898.3211 if in the US. There is also a great forum created by DL users and they will certainly be of help. Consider visiting their blog and talking with real-world users. Here's the link

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