Mackie DL Mixers Lightning Connector Support

Jan 30, 2013
We've received a few questions about Mackie DL Series mixers and the new lightning connector Apple is using on the iPad (4th generation), iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Mackie DL Series mixers currently support full wireless control using the new iPad (4th generation) and iPad mini. Additionally, you can use Apple s 30-pin to Lightning adapter cable to dock these newer devices. The iPad 2 is still sold new directly from Apple and is fully supported for use with DL mixers. That being said, we are working hard on a comprehensive solution for converting a DL mixer over to the Lightning connector and will release it as soon as possible. However, due to licensing restrictions, this is all we can say right now. Rest assured that all DL mixers will soon be able to support wired connection using Lightning without an adapter. As more details become available, we will be sure to update you here and also on Mackie's Facebook page. Thanks for your support!


Please let me know ASAP when

Please let me know ASAP when my iPad 4 will fit in the 1608. Only Waiting on that to purchase.

what about the other way

what about the other way around? old ipad with dock connector to new lightning connector.

Main reason I'm buying the DL

Main reason I'm buying the DL-1608 is because advanced technology. 30 pin connector seems to me old tech. I am waiting for the lightning connector if is available soon.

My iPad 4th Gen slides right

My iPad 4th Gen slides right into the dock and doesn't jut out even with the adapter in place. Perfectly fine for playing the iPad channel between sets or recording. That said, it'd be nice to have it just fit, but I certainly wouldn't hold off on purchasing this AMAZING MIXER

Yeah, if you're not using the

Yeah, if you're not using the padlock features, this is a great solution for the interim. We are really close to offering a solution that is more permanent. Stay tuned.

How close is "really close"?

How close is "really close"? We have the 1608 first generation, but I'd like a time-line from you guys as to when to expect the updated lightning version before I add an 806 for smaller setups... Also, how about a new molded adapter plate to secure an iPad Mini into the dock?? Is that in the works? AND! I'd like to see software for my macbook pro so I can WiFi control these mixers too!

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