Mackie Extends SRM Line with Addition of Pro-Grade 1600W High-Definition Loudspeakers

Aug 02, 2013

Mackie SRM Series 1600W High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers Mackie today announces a huge extension to its popular SRM powered loudspeaker line, introducing three 1600W models featuring professional-grade all-wood designs and a host of powerful, but simple tools perfect for modern applications. There are two high-output full-range models the 12? SRM550 and 15? SRM650 plus the hard-hitting SRM1850 18? powered subwoofer. SRM550, SRM650 Rear Panel You can t throw a rock without hitting a Mackie SRM loudspeaker, commented John Boudreau, Mackie SVP, speaking to the proven popularity of SRM. With these new high-output, high-definition, all-wood designs we ve truly upped the level of SRM ruggedness, output, clarity and simplicity. Mackie SRM 1600W High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers are Built-Like-A-Tank, with huge system power that s paired with custom transducers within professional-grade, internally-braced all-wood cabinets. SRM features Mackie High Definition Audio Processing including patented acoustic correction DSP for the ultimate in high-definition sound plus system optimization tools like application-specific speaker modes and an amazingly accurate feedback destroyer. SRM on SubReady for anything, SRM s integrated 2-channel mixer with Mackie Wide-Z inputs can handle any signal with ease. With two powerful full-range boxes and a chest-pounding subwoofer, SRM loudspeakers deliver the output, amazing sound and proven durability demanded of modern PA system. We are excited to bring these high-powered, great-sounding SRMs to all the Mackie fans out there, concluded Boudreau. Perfect for applications that range from DJs to bands to installs, these new SRMs deliver the modern, high-definition sound you demand in a tough-as-nails package that s built to last. The new Mackie SRM Series 1600W High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers will be available alongside the popular SRM450v2, SRM350v2, SRM150 and SRM1801 beginning September, 2013 FIND A DEALER AND PRE-ORDER TODAY!


I am a dj, I only saw

I am a dj, I only saw handles on one side, are ther two sets of handles for lifting. Thank You, Chris

There's handles on both sides

There's handles on both sides. Let us know if you have any other questions. We've also got a video online at

Where (or when) can we see

Where (or when) can we see the tech specs? Max SPL, preset crossover points, -3db and -10db cutoff points, etc.

What is the RMS for SRM550

What is the RMS for SRM550 (LF,HF)? I can only find peak measurments on line. Also, can the feedback destroyer be turned on and off? I am assuming 600watts RMS since that where there competitors are.

Both the HF and LF amps are

Both the HF and LF amps are rated at 400W RMS each. Yes, the feedback destroyer has a button on the back of the speaker. You can engage or disengage as needed.

Is the "1.4" titanium HF"

Is the "1.4" titanium HF" high frequency horn a 1.4" diaphragm or a 1.4" exit throat?

I see. The manual which was

I see. The manual which was posted after I asked the question states the the diaphragm is "1 inch" and that the horn entry is "1.4 inches". It seems like it should be the other way around. I haven't heard of a horn exit being larger than the diaphragm size before. Does the horn throat truncate to a smaller size before the flare? Sorry to ask so many questions.

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