Mackie Launches My Fader v3 for DL Series Mixers

Mar 10, 2015
Mackie Launches My Fader v3 for DL Series Mixers

My Fader v3 is Here Pocketable control for any DL Series mixer

Mackie today announces the immediate availability of My Fader v3 for DL806, DL1608 and DL32R. The Mackie My Fader app gives you pocketable control over your Mackie DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixer and version 3 is now compatible with Mackie Master Fader v3. My Fader v3 provides the perfect set of features for on-stage performers controlling their own monitor mix and is also great for the FOH engineer who needs quick wireless control from anywhere in the venue. My Fader v3.0 is a new app release, it will not update automatically from My Fader v2.1. Click here for download information. For complete feature details and requirements, see below. For more info on the DL32R, click here. For more info on DL806/DL1608, click here.




What's New

  • Support for Control with Master Fader 3.0 systems
  • Support for DL32R
  • Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Support for iOS8
  • All new modern UI
  • Support for Channel Colors
  • Support for Output Colors
  • Added Subgroups and VCAs in Mixer View
  • Added separate Gate and Comp Gain Reduction Meters
  • View Group Selector now accessible from mixer view
  • Updated Access Limiting


Wireless control allows band members to dial in monitor mixes from stage

  • More artist control equals better performances
  • No need for expensive hardware and cabling

Intuitive touch control over key mixing functions

  • Easy learning curve for artists
  • Familiar user interface

My Fader - Mixer - 4_7 Mixer view allows fast adjustment of main and monitor mix levels and mutes with full metering

  • Quickly adjust the levels for each mix
  • Less time adjusting, more time performing





  My Fader - Access - 4_7Customize each iOS device s control with Access Limiting

  • Prevent unwanted adjustments from on-stage performers
  • Greatly simplifies interface





Support for up to 10 iOS devices connected wirelessly

  • Every person on stage can control their own mix
  • No hassle setup with musician's personal devices

  My Fader - Show - 4_7Recall snapshots for instant changes during the show

  • Make seamless changes between songs
  • Switch between FX scenes per song





  Channel IDEasy channel identification with channel naming and built in icons or take pictures with the built-in camera

  • Get to the channel you need quickly
  • Includes photo use for quick ID





  My Fader - Aux - 4_7View groups improve organization and ease navigation

  • Only see the things that matter for your stage mix
  • Makes it easier for novices to use





Mute groups provide customizable control of channel muting

  • Mute all effects during breaks
  • Mute inputs not used for specific songs

Grow and Glow clearly shows controls being adjusted

  • Confidence while mixing
  • Constant visual feedback

Master Fader 3.0 DL1608 Modern EQPair with Mackie Master Fader app for complete system control

  • Give the FOH engineer total control
  • Available for huge range of iPad models







  • My Fader 3.0 requires Mackie Master Fader v3.0.
  • My Fader 3.0 requires iOS 7.1 or greater.
  • My Fader 3.0 is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or iPod touch (5th generation).
  • For wireless control, a Wi-Fi router is required. See the DL Series Reference Guide for complete information.
  • My Fader 3.0 does not mix audio on its own. It requires a DL32R, DL1608 or DL806 Mixer and Master Fader 3.0 for full functionality.


Hello, I am working for some

Hello, I am working for some time with the DL32R and would like another function in the master fader software - please make a ducking tracks of vocals possible - the routing of a vocal track on the compressor. thank you in advance heiko merrbach

I've got one question:

I've got one question: Now can I make a DL 1608 work with 2 Ipads - 1 1st Generation an 1 3rd generation?

There is no current version

There is no current version of Master Fader that supports the 1st generation iPad, I am sorry to say.

Thanks for the feature

Thanks for the feature suggestion. We actually have a place to submit feature requests. You can suggest this feature and other users can vote it up. While this list is not our sole source of information when we decided what features to add, it is certainly something we pay close attention to and try to accommodate as we continue app development. Here's the site:

Hello, I am a DL1608 user.

Hello, I am a DL1608 user. Love the mixer. However, I am stumped. I cannot figure out out to delete recorded songs from the Master Fader app. Even in iTunes. You can export songs and that's great! Can you help a fella out here by telling me how to delete the growing list of wavs? Thank you

Okay, never mind. I figured

Okay, never mind. I figured it out although not as obvious as it might seem. In iTunes on your apps page next to the Master fader app in the window are all the wav files. To delete them you have to first select them (Duh, right?) then to delete them you actually hve to use your Keyboard "Delete" key. Not so obvious since you would think you could right click or hit a delete button somewhere in itunes. Anyway, That's how you delete the recorded songs. Use the Delete Key on your Keyboard, Lol. Hope I am not the only lame-O that had this issue. :-)

You can actually have both.

You can actually have both. If you are wanting to use Master Fader 2, then you can download Master Fader Classic here . In order to install it into your mixer running 3.0 or higher, you will need to hold down the recessed button on the rear of the mixer while powering it on, then continuing to hold it for at least 4 seconds. Dock the ipad into the mixer and open Master Fader Classic. It will then ask you to install the firmware.

My Fader application question

My Fader application question... Could I use the app (on an iPhone 5 or iTouch) to control the bus assignment(s) and level for one input channel (on a DL 1608)...?

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