Mackie Updates Master Fader Control App for DL1608 - Version 1.3 Available for Free Download Now

Nov 26, 2012
Download Master Fader Control App v1.3 for Mackie DL1608Well ain't that something? Another update for your favorite control application. An updated version of the Master Fader control app for the Mackie DL1608 is now available. Master Fader v1.3 can be downloaded and installed directly on your iPad via the App Store. Or you can download it via iTunes on a Mac or PC. If you don't know what version you are running you can check by opening Master Fader and going to Tools > Help > About. You'll see the version listed at the top of the screen. We shot a quick video update, check it out. This video is part of our DL1608 podcast series. To subscribe via iTunes, visit this link. The biggest feature update gives you control over what parts of the app another iPad user can access. These access controls will block out just about anything you don't want someone on stage to control. You've been asking for it and we've been working on it. Here's the full list of updates for Master Fader v1.3:
  • Wireless support for iPad (4th generation) and iPad mini
  • Added Retina Graphics for iPad (3rd and 4th generation)
  • Added Access Control Prevent accidental changes by limiting access to selected controls on individual iPad devices
  • Added 2X GEQ Zoom Zoom the GEQ for easier adjustment
  • Added Scrolling Names View longer channel, snapshot, show and preset names
  • Added Reverb and Delay Images Easily identify the current effect type with new images
  • Updated Reference Guide
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
You can check out the full release notes by visiting the DL1608 Specs and Docs page.  Some of these updates came directly from user feedback. If you have ideas about what can make Master Fader better, please visit our user feedback forum.Thanks to all of you for digging the DL1608 and for supporting Mackie.


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