Master Fader Updates to v3.0.1

Dec 15, 2014
Master Fader Updates to v3.0.1

MF301_update_Header_600x300The Mackie Master Fader app for the Mackie DL32R, DL1608 and DL806 just got updated. There are a ton of bug fixes and general enhancement of the Master Fader v3 platform. Here's a complete list of all the updates:

  • Added the updated Reference Guide to the Help tab under Tools (gear icon)
  • All radio buttons now highlight and act on release
  • Improved resolution for stereo delay time
  • Improved labels for output patching tabs when used with the DL32R
  • iPads will no longer lose sync when a different wireless iPad goes out of range
  • Master Fader will no longer crash when a incorrectly formatted HDD is connected to the DL32R
  • Long song name for HDD recordings will no longer cause Master Fader to crash with a DL32R
  • Master Fader will no longer crash when navigating from Access Limiting Input DSP or Input Routing to the Output Routing Channel View
  • Access Limits no longer cause some channels to be incorrectly hidden from Masters View
  • Subgroups and VCAs can now be muted on auxes even with "Use LR Mute" disabled
  • Subgroup 6 now visible in the VCA Assignment view
  • Mute Group selector now toggles appropriately per item when Multi-Select is enabled
  • Master Channel View now responds to Access Limits
  • Fixed alignment issue with the Gated Reverb Release slider
  • "Grow and Glow" now behaving appropriately on Output PEQ's LPF function
  • Improved behavior of scrolling labels
  • Fixed crash logging. You may now be prompted to send information after a crash. Please do so.

For complete Master Fader details, please check out the Master Fader Reference Guide.


I have the DL1608

I have the DL1608 It does not make any sense to me that you have to dock your ipad to a computer to playback music recorded in !aster Fader. Why can't you play directly from the ipad. Not bringing a laptop to the gig is one reason why I purchased the DL1608. Also please incorporate a change to allow recording of each individual tracks. Thanks! Steve...

My fader on my iPhone will

My fader on my iPhone will not update with master fader on my iPad. When do you think this will be fixed? Thanks


Hello, Yes, My Fader v2.0 is not compatible with Master Fader v3.0. We will be showing My Fader v3.0 in January at a tradeshow and releasing shortly after.

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