Master Fader v3.0 Now Available

Nov 18, 2014
Master Fader v3.0 Now Available

 Master Fader v3.0 is now available for download from the App Store. With massive upgrades built specifically for professional applications, Master Fader v3.0 not only offers the tools pros need for the all-new DL32R, it delivers huge benefits to any DL1608 or DL806 user. Master Fader is designed from the ground up for wireless mixing. It's the most intuitive and easy-to-use control app for any digital live sound mixer, commented Ben Olswang, Mackie Senior Product Manager. Now, with a fresh user interface that delivers faster workflow and a whole new toolset designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional live sound applications, Master Fader is better and more powerful than ever. Master Fader v3.0 is now available for free download from the App Store Master Fader v3.0 is compatible with all DL Series mixers (DL32R, DL1608, and DL806). While some features are specific to the 32-channel DL32R, which boasts additional hardware features, there are plenty of powerful upgrades for DL1608 and DL806 users.

Brand-new features include the addition of 4 subgroups and 4 VCAs. These new grouping options deliver mix management tools critical for professional applications. Subgroups can be stereo-linked and feature dedicated processing. VCAs offer flexible control over groups of channels. Users can dial in the mix and get single-fader control over groups like drums, guitars and more.

Also new is the overview screen, which delivers at-a-glance information for all input and output channels, allowing simple, fast navigation. Users will also benefit from the addition of digital trim to each DL1608/DL806 input.

"With digital trim, you get more mobile control than ever before", commented Olswang. "Just get the preamp gain in the ballpark and adjust as needed from anywhere in the venue. It truly frees you to mix from anywhere."  

New features also include the ability to patch any output to the DL1608/DL806 record path. Now, users can select exactly which outputs they want to record. This is great for creating a completely separate recording mix from what is in the left/right mix. With Master Fader v3.0, users can now choose a color for each channel, providing immediate visual grouping for easy identification. Also added are enhanced headphone controls including level and delay for seamless remote listening. Plus, users can now easily export presets, shows and even the entire system via email, Dropbox and iTunes.  All of these new features mean serious improvements to workflow for any DL Series user, remarked Olswang. Master Fader has been updated more often, with more new features added, than any other live sound control app out there. We are happy to provide more and more functionality to our DL community. Master Fader v3.0 also features a tremendous amount of changes to the user interface to deliver increased workflow flexibility, improved speed and ease-of-use. We are dedicated to continuously improving Master Fader s workflow through simple App Store updates, remarks Olswang. Each of these user interface updates delivers real-world results that make wireless mixing more intuitive and easy to teach and learn. With DL32R you get even more out of Master Fader, with specific tools and features designed to effortlessly mix up to 32-channels of audio, including wireless control over multi-track direct-to-disk recording and playback. For complete details on what Master Fader offers for DL32R, visit and check out all the great video content. Master Fader v3.0 is built to deliver the best wireless mixing experience from 8- to 32-channels. Be sure to download it now, try it out, and experience the unmatched workflow and incredible features Master Fader delivers, concludes Olswang. For more information on the DL32R visit For more information on DL1608/DL806 visit


Thank you mackie i love my

Thank you mackie i love my dl1608, dl32r just arrive. and of course the masterfader 3.0, thank you for the update. The only suggestion that i want to the nest update of 3.1 would the post and pre each channel for aux,,, pls cause some of my input channel post mix or pre mix for aux 1. Thank you if you can update this for next master fader,,,, thank you mackie team Titus Regis Chiu QSOLUTIONS AUDIO & LIGHTING INC. PRESIDENT

Thank you so much mackie

Thank you so much mackie family, i enjoy using masterfader 3.0 and its look amazing.. I use my dl1608 for a year and it works cool and great.. I just got my dl32r now... I hope you will include your next update 3.1 PRE & POST Switch each channel per aux send.. Everything is the best..... Thank you sooooooo much, TITUS REGIS CHI QSOLUTIONS AUDIO & lighting inc. Sound Engr' and owner

Hi, love the mackie dl 1608 i

Hi, love the mackie dl 1608 i recently purchased. I am wondering if it is possible in a future update to include a way to hear subs in "cue", or independent of the LR buss, the way they are set up on the 1604s. Thanks1

Yes, with Master Fader v3.0

Yes, with Master Fader v3.0 there are now digital trims on the DL1608. The digital trim does not completely control the gain of the preamp. You will still need to dial up the physical gain knob to get signal. However, the digital trim does give you a good amount of control once you have got the preamp gain in the ballpark. So, you would just set the physical gain to a moderate level for the input, then you can use the digital trim wirelessly if you need a little more or a little less gain to get the signal level you need.

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