My Fader Control App for DL Series Mixers Now Available for Free Download to iPhone or iPod touch

Apr 17, 2013
Mackie Master Fader v1.0 My Fader is here! It's the all-new control app for the popular DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixers. Perfect for artists mixing on stage, My Fader is made for the iPhone and iPod touch. It's based on the acclaimed user interface and workflow of the Master Fader iPad control app and provides the perfect set of features for on-stage performers controlling their own monitor mix or FOH engineer who wants a handy tool for wireless control from anywhere in the venue. Here's a rundown of what My Fader v1.0 offers. And, like Master Fader, there will be updates via the App Store that add features and functionality. My Fader v1.0 Features
  • Level control for all inputs - Control the volume and muting of individual channels going into your mix
  • Quick access to any mix - Control any aux channel or the main mix
  • Access control - Keep your band mates in check and only allow them to control what you want them to control
  • Channel ID - Take a photo or use an icon for channel ID and it will be instantly synced to any device controlling your DL mixer
  • Shapshot recall - Control snapshots in the current show loaded on your DL mixer to changes effects, etc. per song.
My Fader v1.0 is available now for free download directly to your iPhone or iPod touch. To see more specific details about the download and install visit the App Store detail page for My Fader. For more information on My Fader, Master Fader and the DL1608/DL806 and to check system/device compatibility requirements visit This guy likes mixing with his Mackie DL mixer, that's for sure.


Hi Guys, Will this new

Hi Guys, Will this new download erase all of my current shows and settings??

Hi, my ipad is the one that

Hi, my ipad is the one that has the lightning charger. How can i used this directly on my dl1608? Pls help

The iPad mini and iPad (4th

The iPad mini and iPad (4th generation) have the newer lightning connector. We are working on a solution that will let you change over the connector type in your DL mixer to accommodate this. We will have more news on that process shortly. In the meantime, you get virtually all functionality over wireless with the newer iPads. There are three things you get when the iPad is docked: Ability to record the mix to the iPad, ability to stream music from iPad apps into mixer and charging of iPad. Until a solution is in place, you can use Apple's 30-pin to lightning cable adapter. Keep up with the blog and our Facebook posts. That is where we will post info about the hardware solution when we have news.

I own a dl1608 and love it

I own a dl1608 and love it but, Is there going to be any android, master fader apps.

Hi, I bought this mixer and

Hi, I bought this mixer and everything seems to be working well, but the ipad does not recognize the signal. I tried to use the buttom to force the firmware update, tried 3 different ipad.. Now I'm just running out of ways to fix this. I have the ipad 2 that I just bought. Please help!

Does your s/w allow me to

Does your s/w allow me to record from a 1402 on my iPhone? If not can you make recommendation? HelpAsNeeded

No, the Master Fader app is

No, the Master Fader app is specifically for DL Series Digital Mixers. The 1402 is an analog mixer and you would physically need to come out of the mixer into a recording device like your phone. Which outputs on the mixer you want to record with can be dependent on your specific application. I suggest talking with our tech support team, who can get an understanding of your setup and provide you with the info you need to record. Email them at or, if in the US or Canada, call 800.898.3211

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