Updated iPad Compatibility Matrix Now Available

Apr 04, 2016
Updated iPad Compatibility Matrix Now Available

Our iPad Compatibility Matrix has now been updated. The Retina iPad mini is now fully tested and supported for docked operation with the DL1608 and DL806 using the iPad mini tray kit, which is available from any authorized Mackie dealer. The compatibility matrix has all the answers to which combination of DL mixer and iPad will work for you. Do you have an iPad and are not sure what DL Mixer to get? Maybe you have recently purchased a DL Mixer (high-five) and you don t know what iPad you need? Possibly you re looking to upgrade your current iPad, but you re afraid it won t work with your new DL Mixer? No way! Whatever your situation is, we ve got you covered with our iPad Compatibility Matrix. We know technology changes rapidly and we are here to help you keep up with it all. This chart will be updated regularly so as soon as we know something you will too.    


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I tried to buy a dl1608 from

I tried to buy a dl1608 from Sam Ash in Columbus,Oh on November 29th. I called to see if they had one in stock and was told that it was a discontinued product and that they didn't have any at any location. Is it true that it is discontinued?

That is not true at all. We

That is not true at all. We have two different DL1608 models available. One has the 30-pin connector for docking older iPad models. The other is a version with the Lightning connector that newer iPads uses. I would call back, or check their website again. While I can't speak to their stock levels, I assure you this is a widely available, current product.

Hi Mackoids, or whatever you

Hi Mackoids, or whatever you guys name yourself, I am not in the habit of complimenting manufacturers with the products they make, because I think that's obvious, or else don't buy the stuff!! But I am deeply grateful for the DL1608. I use it in very different situations (2 bands - and more) and it impresses the hell out of everybody in the way it performs and delivers immaculate sound, time after time. I wish you were around with this some 30 years earlier, it would have made a lot of difference. Any chance of more channels? A Mackie user for over 20 years.

I am using an IPAD4 with

I am using an IPAD4 with Retina screen running IOS 7.0.4 and two DL1608s. It does not connect to the dock connector - I don't have any problems with a network connection. I then tried an IPAD2 also using 7.0.4, it also doesn't connect via the dock connector (either with a lightning or a 30pin connector - tried both). I get a "Not Charging" message in the Battery indicator and the IPAd doesn't find the DL. I can't go back with the Apple IOS and don't want to buy a second hand IPAD. Help please, thanks, Peter


Hello, You'll want to talk with our tech support team. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to troubleshooting DL mixers. Email them at techmail@mackie.com. If you'd like to speak to someone locally about it, contact the Australian Mackie distributor using this contact info: http://www.mackie.com/buy/worldwide_distributors.html?p=&c=au

Thank you for the kind words.

Thank you for the kind words. We are very happy that your DL mixer is working out for you. We would have loved this 30 years ago also! But, hey, we only started doing this 25 years ago. :) Your request for more channels is noted. That is a huge, huge request from our users and something we are also very interested in.

I bought the iPad Air retina

I bought the iPad Air retina based on the matrix that I saw almost a month ago and from speaking to Mackie sales department. When I finally got around to put my system together, I found that I can't dock my iPad. I now see the matrix shows that the docking station is in testing. Now I'm stuck until the release. Do I have a choice?

We are indeed working on a

We are indeed working on a tray that will accommodate the new iPad Air with retina. Until we can provide that tray, you will have to use your new iPad wirelessly. This gives you all of the features of Master Fader with the exception of recording, playback via the iPad and iPad charging. We hope to have an estimated date soon for the tray. Sorry to make you hang in there.

In the last week, I have sent

In the last week, I have sent two emails to your rebate company (as you suggested) and I'm not getting a response. My rebate was sent in the first week of September. I would suggest you stop advertising rebates if you can't fulfill them. This rebate company is not doing your business any favors. If you are going to purchase Mackie speakers in hopes of getting a rebate as advertised, you better think twice about your purchase.

Firstly, bang up job everyone

Firstly, bang up job everyone! Totally love the DL1608 and use it for every gig, big or small. My only wish is that if I could use it in my home studio for recording as an interface (control surface wouldn't hurt either). Are the any plans for a USB connection in the future? Or even better, a USB kit I can install to my current mixer? I'd literally never have to use another mixer again! Thanks and keep up the good work guys.

Will the DL1608 mixing

Will the DL1608 mixing console and Mackie Master Fader work with an iPad mini 16GB "without" retina display?

Yes. This will work right out

Yes. This will work right out of the box wirelessly (if you have a router set up, etc.). If you want to dock it, you will want to get the iPad mini tray kit. It attaches to the main tray of the mixer. This can be purchased through any authorized Mackie dealer.

when are we going to get

when are we going to get myfader on the Android side of mobile control. I see a Chinese version but you install it and you can't change the language. Really could put this to good use on a Note 4. I just left the iPhone 5 world behind because the OS upgrades are a disaster. Thanks

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