Where are Master Fader 1.4 and My Fader 1.0?

Mar 18, 2013
Ermahgerd! Mehrster Ferhder! We had fully intended to release Master Fader 1.4 and My Fader 1.0 by now. So where are they? Unfortunately we have run into a few severe bugs that are proving quite difficult to fix and are preventing release. Here s a bit more detail. The development team has been feature complete on both Master Fader 1.4 and My Fader 1.0 for some time. This means that all the features we planned for these versions are completely implemented. Once we are feature complete, we thoroughly test all features to ensure there are no bugs. This includes complete testing of every function by internal techs, alpha testing by Mackie employees in a variety of live scenarios, and external beta testers including some of you. Quality is paramount with a product like this and we will not release an update until we are confident it is solid. We take this very seriously and know that many of put your livelihood in the hands of your mixer. During this testing, we encountered some bugs. This is to be expected and is all part of the development process. Normally these bugs are fixed and when there are no more known issues, we release the software to Apple for App Store approval. Unfortunately, a few of these particular bugs are taking more time than anticipated to fix, thus delaying release. We are working hard to fix these bugs and believe we are close. This means we can soon create our release candidate and do final testing, again internally and with our external beta team. If no bugs more blocking are found, we will confidently release to the App Store. When will this happen? As soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Like you, we wish we could have released these updates sooner but when Master Fader 1.4 and My Fader 1.0 are released, we think you will really like the additions and improvements we've made.


Looking forward to seeing

Looking forward to seeing what new features are included. I'm sure the internal hardware of the mixer creates some limitations, but I'll be interested to see what the firmware update does to improve the functionality of the mixer as a whole. I'd love to be a beta tester, if you need any more.

Seriously? Who and where are

Seriously? Who and where are your systems and quality engineers This would have never happened on my watch.

Oke, no bugs is what we want.

Oke, no bugs is what we want. But i think there is a compleet new system and all our whishes come though. We all have our whishes set on a list and that list was to big for the engeneers to do it in this short time. Ben make me happy ! The mackie people can do it.

And why is the forum gone?

And why is the forum gone? That is nothing with software update. I think mackie is not happy anymore.

Anxiously looking forward to

Anxiously looking forward to your Masterfader/my fader update. My band and I really, really love the dl1608--thanks so much for developing this very clever piece of technology! One question--any chance at some point in the future there will be a way to run a 16track recorder (maybe traction?) in the background? I know probably lots of people have probably asked that question, so please excuse the repetition. Thank you!

I have been using the DM 1608

I have been using the DM 1608 since January and I really like it. It will definitely see a lot of use with my little production company. I can't wait for the software update. If you want another beta tester let me know. If you ever make a 24 input version I would be all over it. I think jumping the outputs into a second DL 1608 sounds like a lot of trouble to go to to gain 8 inputs, and 16 inputs is a bit limiting for the events I do. This is a great product and you guys have done an excellent job with the overall design and development. Thanks Craig Campbell , Live Audio Production LLC. Hailey Idaho

Thanks for the update, new

Thanks for the update, new features will be great, bugs not so great. I def prefer no bugs;)

personally, I cant wait for

personally, I cant wait for My Fader to be released, I would love to be a beta tester as well. This will be the coolest thing since sliced bread!

Thanks for the update, I

Thanks for the update, I think we were all starting to wonder. Yes we want it to be properly functional over a quick release. We will continue to wait patiently!!

Is there a location with the

Is there a location with the full feature set (what's new) in V1.4? I heard about the vintage EQs and ability to sync snapshots across multiple devices.... Is that the extent of the changes? Might I expect to be able to gang channels in stereo pairs?

Please tell us the real

Please tell us the real release date and the changes in Master Fader 1.4 - this would be very helpfull. thanks Peter


Gentlemen: So, what you're telling me is: I just spent money on a brand spanking new Mackie DL1608 and I cannot use it, yet (until the bugs are worked out of the app software)? F*&^%*)K!!!!! Sincerely, rjarcusa P.S. I've been trying to register my new (and latest) Mackie product and your website link will not respond. It's a little frustrating..............

Actually, v1.3 of Master

Actually, v1.3 of Master Fader has been available for some time and that is what all people are using. Ready to rock. v1.4 has new features, but v1.3 is more than stable and working for 1,000s of people. We are aware that product registration is down and are working on a solution. Keep in mind that registering your product on our site is for your record keeping purposes only. Your receipt from an authorized Mackie dealer is all you will ever need for warranty support. So, go install Master Fader v1.3 and start using your mixer!

Rick - If you were planning

Rick - If you were planning on using your iPhone for controlling the DL, then you're out of luck for a while. If you have an iPad, then v1.3 is stable enough to be useable, although it does have some idiosyncrasies. Nothing you cant work around, but you'll probably want to check out the FAQ section in the (unofficial) DL forum: http://cacophony.aspinock.com/index.php?topic=251.0


Hi, I have used other small mixers but the DL1608 out shines them all. I just had to introduce it to others for it's neatness and clean sound. Now all we are waiting for is the DL2408 with two effects and eight busses and that will replace my 24.8. I know you can do it. David

Will the dl806 double as a

Will the dl806 double as a studio mixer and work with multitrack recording software like cubase? Mike

You can record the stereo

You can record the stereo main mix directly to the iPad when docked in the DL806. But, no, there is no ability to multitrack record either to the iPad or through connection to software.

Good thing about being way

Good thing about being way down here in New Zealand is their is no bugs !! Love the dl1608 to the point where I'm only 1 of a dozen of us who all own them, are planning a dl1608 party !! Now that's a lot of inputs!!!

Get some pics and details

Get some pics and details from the party. Would be a good write up for our blog and social media.

Working on getting us all in

Working on getting us all in one place at the same time only we're all so busy with them out there in the field . When we do you will be the first to know.

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