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Round out your 1200F with this Mackie product:


8-Channel Rackmount Mic Preamp w/ Variable Impedance


Studio Recording Preamp & 192kHz FireWire Interface


It’s a multi-media, multi-platform, multi-format, multi-channel world. You never know what new challenge will walk through your studio door. The last thing you want is to say those dreaded words: “I can’t do that.” You need to be ready for anything. So we’ve given you — everything.

The Onyx 1200F FireWire audio interface is quite simply a monster. It boasts 30 total inputs (yes, 30!) and 34 outputs. Twelve of these inputs are premium-grade Onyx mic/line preamps, enough to track a complete live band all in a single pass. On the output stage, you’ve got 8 discrete analogue outs for surround mixing, or to mix down discrete mix "stems.” The 1200F also boasts the most fully equipped monitoring and signal routing architecture you’ll find in a recording interface, with 4 individual headphone outs, flexible control room options, and a fully customizable signal routing matrix. It’s also loaded with comprehensive digital I/O (AES/EBU, S/PDIF, 16 channels of ADAT Optical), WordClock, dual MIDI I/O jacks, Talkback, balanced sends/returns... Pretty much anything you can imagine — and everything you’ll need — is there.

While the 1200F’s specs may be ambitious, we know that’s only half the story. It also has to sound phenomenal. In addition to its pristine Onyx signal path, the 1200F is fully HD ready, with mastering-grade AKM 24-bit, 192 kHz digital converters. Of course all this wouldn’t mean a thing if it didn’t have that signature Mackie legacy of quality craftsmanship, reliability, affordability, and intuitive ease of use.

The Onyx 1200F FireWire audio interface brings everything together into a single, harmonious system to meet any challenge that comes your way.


Full Studio Integration - Take a look at the back of the Onyx 1200F and you’ll see just how much power we’ve packed into the thing. Read More
Analogue I/O - With the 1200F’s twelve Onyx mic preamps, you’re in good shape. Mic up that kit, the guitar cabinet, the percussion player, the sax, even the bassist if he doesn’t want to go direct. You’re ready. Read More

Studio Monitoring - The Onyx 1200F is loaded with control room and headphone monitoring capabilities that will boost your workflow to truly professional standards. Read More

Digital Connectivity - Once we packed the 1200F with massive I/O and made sure you have the monitoring options you'll need, we decided to go overboard on the digital connectivity options. Read More

Onyx Sound Quality - If you want professional results, you have to begin with professional-quality sound. As well-endowed as the 1200F is, the real genesis of the F-series is stellar sound. Read More

Open System - On the computer software side of things, the 1200F is a wide open system. Read More

tracktion 3
tracktion 3

Premium 30 input x 34 output FireWire audio interface
12 flagship Onyx mic preamps with class-leading fidelity and dynamic range
8 balanced line outputs via 25-pin d-sub connector
16 x 16 ADAT I/O @ 96kHz (8x8 @ 192kHz, 4x4 @ 192kHz)
4 headphone outputs with volume control and discrete stereo feeds
Superb AKM® 24-bit/192kHz A/D and D/A converters
Powerful Onboard DSP Matrix Mixer: connect any input to any output at near-zero latency
Built-in control room functions include A/B Monitor Switching,Talkback, plus stereo and up to 7.1 surround output main volume control
Balanced TRS send and return insert jacks on Inputs 1 and 2
Dual FireWire ports for daisy chaining and direct connection to Mac or PC
2x2 MIDI I/O plus Word Clock, stereo AES/EBU and stereo S/PDIF I/O
Stand-alone mixer functionality for field and studio use without computer
Includes Tracktion 3 Project Bundle Hardware edition.- music production software

Microsoft Windows XP SP 2, Vista 32 / 64 RTM or higher
Pentium 4, Celeron, or Athlon XP processor
512 MB RAM
Mac OS X 10.3.9 – 10.4.9
G4 processor
512 MB RAM

Supported Software
Digital Performer
Final Cut
Logic Express
Logic Pro

...and more!


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