Monitoring Progress
Studio Monitoring

400f Monitoring control is another area where less capable interfaces fall short. We’ve held nothing back. In an effort to bring mixer-like functionality to a hardware interface, we've made things both easy and flexible. The Onyx 1200F is loaded with control room and headphone monitoring capabilities that will boost your workflow to truly professional standards.

Most respectable recording studios are equipped with a pair of monitors — perhaps a nearfield set and a midfield set — so that you can check your mix for different playback environments. To streamline your monitor swapping, we’ve supplied the Onyx 1200F with two separate control room outs for A/B monitor switching. We’ve even taken the next step, by throwing in a dedicated footswitch control for jumping back and forth between them. Incidentally, you’ll also notice an additional footswitch control for Talkback, plus a dedicated XLR input for your talkback mic.

In many ways, the project studio revolution has liberated the way music is made. The fact that any musician can sit in a bedroom and record his or her own songs is a dream come true. Any off-the-shelf interface can meet this need to varying levels of success. But if you’re a serious recording engineer who works with clients and bands, you’ve got bigger concerns. You’re not the only one listening to the music. You’ve got to account for the needs of individual artists. This is where the 1200F’s headphone monitoring features come into play.

While most interfaces have one or two headphone jacks, the Onyx 1200F features four individual outs, each with its own level knob. These go beyond simply controlling volume levels. When you consider that you have full signal flow routing power with the Matrix Mixer, you’ll be able to give your artists exactly what they need. Finally, no more splitters, no more fighting over what goes into a single monitor mix — every musician is happy. Headphone mixes are the inspiration for the musicians on the session, so we've done our part to make sure they'll hear everything they want to hear in crystal clarity.