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Round out your 406M with this Mackie product:


12" Two-way Passive Loudspeaker


Real Power. Real Effects. Bullet-Proof Chassis.

The point of a powered mixer is power, right? That's why there are real FR Series High-Current amplifiers inside every Mackie PPM® Series mixer. They crank out real wattage at any impedance, sound good even when pushed into clipping, and are legendary for their reliability.

We also built in the industry's first 32-bit digital EMAC™ effects contained in a powered mixer. Developed specifically for PPM mixers, our EMAC is equivalent to many outboard effects processors, and offers 16 user-controllable, stunning effects. And since graphic equalizers are always in a powered mixer's output path, we insanely over-engineered ours with expensive, discrete components, eliminating the phase distortion that plagues our competitors.

The PPM 406M has everything you'll need for the gig. Each of the six mono channel strips feature XLR mic and 1/4" TRS line inputs, TRS insert jacks, monitor and effects send, 3-band EQ, and an input Trim control with individual level-set LEDs. And you wont need external effects, thanks to our EMAC 32-bit precision digital effects processor—which sounds great and is as easy to use as a stompbox. There's even an Effects to Monitor control, so you can give your stage monitors a "wet" mix, totally independent of the Mains. The output section boasts two of our 250-watt FR (Fast Recovery) power amps, dual 9-band graphic equalizers, 75Hz rumble reduction filters, a switchable soft-knee compressor, and output level metering.

Above all else, the PPM Series mixers sound great. Often copied, but seldom duplicated, our high-headroom, low-noise mic preamps are legendary the world over for their superior sound quality. That's why we use them in the PPM Series—clean, quiet, superb. Each preamp channel has its own input Trim control, which provides up to 40dB microphone gain, 20dB line-level gain, or a full 20dB of attenuation to "pad" those really hot signals. Channels also feature level-set LEDs for easy visual input gain adjustment—just speak, sing, or yell into the mic and adjust the Trim control until the little green LED blinks. Time to dial in a little channel EQ...

Unlike those "fuzzy-box" manufacturers, we never limit your equalization options to bass and treble. All of the PPM Series mixers feature our world-famous 3-band EQs on each channel, with usable center frequencies as follows: 12kHz shelving high-frequency EQ (±15dB), 2.5kHz peaking mid-frequency EQ (±12dB), and 80Hz shelving low-frequency EQ (±15dB).

The PPM's onboard phantom power supply means you can use high-quality condenser microphones, as well as your favorite dynamic mics. Outputs include a 1/4" TRS mixer line output, a 1/4" TRS monitor line output, and left and right RCA tape/line outputs. And because we know you don't want to give up an entire channel (or two) for a CD player, we've provided RCA Tape In jacks, with a dedicated level control, for your favorite external playback device (tape, CD, iPod, etc.).

Possibly the most important feature on the PPM Series mixers is our ingenious Break switch, which mutes channels 1-6, but allows whatever is connected to the Tape inputs to be heard. You'll be glad you set this switch when the bride's father jumps on stage during the break, to sing a rousing rendition of "Sunrise, Sunset."

All PPM mixers boast a rugged composite-molded case, which scoffs at the kind of abuse that would send those cheap "rat-fur-covered" wooden boxes crying for mama. We've been building state-of-the-art mixers and power amplifiers since day one. So it was just a matter of time, you might even say it was inevitable, that we'd combine the two.

Now you can have it all, Mackie mixer, Mackie digital effects and Mackie power amps, all in one convenient package—the PPM Series.

Full-featured 6-channel 500-watt powered mixer with onboard EMAC™ 32-bit digital effects processor
Two 250-watt FR Series High-Current power amps
Power amps switchable as mono Mains or Mains + Monitor
6 mic/line channels with master phantom power
1/4" and XLR connectors on each input
1/4" Inserts on all 6 channels
Two Aux Sends (MON and EFX)
Active 3-band EQ on each channel
9-band, audiophile-quality graphic EQ on Main and Monitor outputs
Ingenious "Break" Switch
Compressors (switchable) on both outputs
Rugged composite-molded case

To complete your system, we highly recommend the following passive loudspeakers for use with the PPM 406M powered mixer:


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