Here at Mackie, we've always been sticklers for ease of use and ergonomics. The challenge was designing a molded enclosure that met his criteria for convenience and strength. The resulting extremely complex asymmetrical trapezoidal cabinet design totally nuked our development budget, drove the mold-makers crazy, and resulted in a $700,000 32-ton mold! But it was worth all the effort.

An asymmetrical, rounded enclosure has several advantages. First, it results in the stiffest, strongest, most durable cabinet in its class. Second, it can lie on its side in the perfect stage monitor position. Finally, the C Series acoustic signature also benefits because it suffer less from typical internal standing waves created by symmetrical designs.

The C Series enclosure has three handles — two located on the sides and one on top. The side handles are center weighted, and everything that impacts weight distribution of the enclosure is therefore balanced in relation to the handles. Pick up a competitor's box and you'll appreciate this attention to detail.

The C Series also has up to 10 integrated fly points making it easy to hang or fly in any position.