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Welcome to the Mackie Software store for Mackie d8b v5.1!

Electronic Distribution

You are purchasing a software license to operate your d8b v5.1 Operating System at this store. If you own multiple d8b systems you can purchase multiple licenses in one transaction. The purchase price is $299 US for each license.

Note: If you already have a license for D8B v5, then you do not need to purchase a v5.1 license. Click here for more details.

Evaluation Version

You are not actually buying the software at this site - you're buying a Box ID Code (or license) which will enable you to unlock the full potential of the software. You can download and preview the v5.1 OS before purchasing here. If you have trouble downloading the v5.1 software, contact Technical Support for other options. Don't forget that you'll need to register your license in order to obtain the code which will unlock v5.1 on your d8b.

In order to purchase a d8b v5.1 license, you will need the following:

  • A credit card number (we take Visa and Mastercard)
  • A valid email account to receive your license and additional instructions for enabling v5.1.

System Requirements for v5.1
Minimum System Requirements for v5.1: 32 MB RAM, 166 MHz Pentium D8B CPU
Optimum System Requirements for v5.1: 256 MB RAM, 300 MHz Celeron D8B CPU

Questions before you purchase? Don't have a credit card? Click here.

To purchase this software, click on the “Order” button below:

Register d8b v5.1


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