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Round out your DFX 6 with this Mackie product:


15" Two-Way Active Loudspeaker


Six Channels of High-Quality Mackie Sound.

If you’re looking for professional-grade sound quality in an economical, small-footprint, on-stage mixer, the Mackie DFX-6 might be just right for you. Big on features, and small on price, the DFX Series is the ideal choice for your first mixer—or if you’re on a tight budget.

The philosophy behind the Mackie DFX Series is simple; make it easy to control your mix while you're busy on stage. We designed the DFX Series mixers especially for folks who don't have the luxury of a front-of-house sound technician—working professionals who have to control their own mix while performing. Mackie DFX-6 features include an assignable stereo 5-band graphic equalizer, phantom power, dual-ladder LED metering, color-coded 60mm faders for "mixing-at-a-glance," and our stunning EMAC onboard digital effects.

The DFX-6 has virtually everything you need to gig—just add a pair of our Active loudspeakers and you've got a complete system. Mono channels 1 and 2 feature XLR mic and 1/4" line inputs, insert jacks, Monitor and Effects Sends, two-band EQ, 75Hz Low Cut filters, and an input Trim control with individual level-set and overload LEDs. Channels 3/4 and 5/6 have all these same features (with the exception of the channel inserts) and are designed for either stereo or mono use, making them ideal for keyboards and sound modules. Good luck finding all these features on other mixers in this price range!

The onboard phantom power supply means you can use high-quality condenser microphones, as well as your favorite dynamic mics. Outputs include balanced XLR and 1/4" mains, 1/4" monitor, and left and right RCA tape/line outputs. And because we know you don't want to give up an entire channel (or two) for a CD player, we've provided RCA Tape In jacks, with a dedicated level control for your favorite external playback device (tape, CD, iPod, etc.).

Possibly the most important feature on the DFX Series mixers is our ingenious Break switch, which mutes all the mic inputs, but allows whatever is connected to the Tape inputs to be heard. You'll be glad you set this switch when some drunk yahoo jumps on stage during the break, and rips into "Froggy Went A Courtin'."


Above all else, DFX Series mixers sound great. Often copied, but seldom duplicated, our high-headroom, low-noise mic preamps are legendary the world over for their superior sound quality. Each preamp channel has its own input Trim control, so you can easily handle any kind of input signal level—from a whisper to a scream. Channel strips also feature level-set and overload LEDs for easy visual input gain adjustment—just speak, sing, or yell into the mic and adjust the Trim control until the little LED blinks. Time to dial in a little channel EQ...

The 12kHz High and 80Hz Low shelving EQ on the DFX Series are placed at the far ends of the audible musical spectrum (instead of the usual 100Hz and 10kHz). They're based on the design in our CFX and PPM Series, which are acclaimed for their natural sound. You can even use them for midrange control—gently cutting both High and Low EQs on a channel effectively boosts the midrange, and vice versa. Although there are only two controls, they are designed to function as so much more than just bass and treble.


You won't need a rack full of external effects when using the DFX-6, thanks to our EMAC 32-bit precision digital effects processor—which sounds great and is as easy to use as a stompbox. You can select any one of 16 custom-designed algorithms ranging from small room reverb to "out-of-this-world" phase shifting. There's even an Effects to Stage Monitor control, so you can give your stage monitors a "wet" mix, totally independent of the Mains. Read more.

Both DFX Series mixers feature a Vocal Eliminator circuit that can remove the existing lead singer from most pre-recorded songs. We're not saying it totally eliminates the vocal on every track, on every CD—but it works amazingly well under most circumstances. In the UP position, the CD or Tape signals are not affected; in the DOWN position, any vocals centered in the normal stereo image will be attenuated. This provides an excellent alternative to maintaining a huge, expensive and consistently out-of-date karaoke library.

All DFX Series mixers are built tough. Our legendary solid-steel chassis can take the kind of abuse that would make our competitor’s flimsy boxes run home to mama. And instead of using cheap, unsealed potentiometers, our co-molded pots offer substantial strain and impact relief at all critical contact points. By design, the control knobs ‘ride’ just above the surface of the chassis, so if something heavy falls onto the mixer, the impact is transferred from the knobs to the steel chassis—not to the potentiometers or circuit board. Finally, to eliminate potential damage to the circuit board, we use a thick, horizontally mounted fiberglass PC board, braced with a shock-absorbing support structure.

Team up a DFX Series mixer with our SRM350 or SRM450 Active loudspeakers for a great-sounding, portable PA system solution.

Six-channel on-stage mixer with EMAC digital effects
12-segment stereo LED metering
5-band stereo assignable graphic EQ with bypass switch
EMAC 32-bit digital stereo effects with footswitch bypass, and Level Set LED
Aux 1/monitor send with level control
Aux 2/effects send with level control
Effects-to-monitor control
60mm main mix faders
Two 60mm stereo Aux Return faders with mute switches
Break switch for intermissions
Balanced XLR and 1/4” stereo main outputs
RCA CD/Tape inputs and Tape outputs
Vocal Eliminator circuit for CD/Tape
Master +48 V phantom power switch with LED indicator
Headphone output with level control
Power LED indicator


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