Direct FireWire Connection is Here!

The new 24-BIT/96kHz FireWire I/O card for the Digital X Bus allows seamless integration with any Mac OSX Core Audio (no drivers required) or Windows XP ASIO/WDM audio or sequencing application. This powerful Digital X Bus I/O option gives you up to 24x24 streams of 48kHz audio (currently 8x8 up to 96kHz) over a single FireWire connection —performing the task which previously required of up to 3 individual I/O cards. Installation is fast and simple, and by using multiple cards, you can significantly reduce wiring costs and clutter behind the console to utilize multiple computers for recording/playback, virtual effects racks, and more!

Digital X Bus FireWire Card Resources
v1.00 Driver Installer (.zip, 1.1MB)
Getting Started (.txt, 4KB)
v1.00 Driver Release Notes (.pdf, 119KB)
FireWire I/O User Guide (.pdf, 500KB)

Digital X Bus Users: You must have Digital X Bus Build 1.1.037 installed on your console for proper support of the FireWire I/O Card.

Mac Users: OS 10.3.5 or higher is required to interface with the Digital X Bus FireWire I/O card. If you are running OS 10.2 or lower you will need to purchase OS 10.3 and then run software update. If you are running OS 10.3.x you can either run Software Update from the Apple Menu or downlowad from here. The drivers required are included in the Core Audio portion of the OS update. No other software or drivers are needed (thanks Apple!).