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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for FR Series.


Mackie FR•Series Power Amplifiers
Building on Mackie's legendary "Fast Recovery" design, the next-generation FR•Series professional stereo power amplifiers deliver new levels of performance and reliability to your live sound system. Tens of thousands of satisfied owners have come to appreciate FR•Series sound quality and system-enhancing features—and with good reason. You get ultimate power, ultra-clean sound, and affordability in one high-performing package.

Fast Recovery Revisited
“Fast Recovery” circuitry was born when Greg Mackie and his team of world-class amp engineers developed our original line of Mackie power amplifiers. Their innovation—and late nights—resulted in a revolutionary technology, one that delivered power without sacrificing sound quality. Unlike traditional “negative feedback” power amplifier design, which can cause a power amp to latch in clipping mode, Fast Recovery circuitry instantly recovers from clipping. The result is no latching, and way better sound.

After our original FR amps debuted, it wasn’t long before they developed a reputation for having great sound and reliability. Being the astute Mackoids we are, we thought it only made sense to incorporate FR technology into a variety of our industry-standard products, from HR studio monitors to SRM450 Active loudspeakers. To this day, the technology stands the test of time, delivering sound quality unmatched by other power amplifiers in their class.

Brawn Over Brains
FR•Series amplifiers are all about brute force. These traditional Class A/B and Class H amp topologies feature a massive toroidal transformer, huge storage capacitors, state-of-the-art output devices and back-to-front cooling via a variable speed fan. Delivering enormous amounts of current into extremely low impedances, plus lots of dynamic power reserves, you can trust that clipping will be kept at bay and your sound will always be true. Especially when it comes to extreme transients, these amps are ultra-responsive—your kick drum will devastate, your snare drum will cut, the bass guitar will pulse and punch, the accordion will….OK, so an accordion has no aggressive sound attributes that we are aware of, but you get the point.

Clean, Full Range Power
FR•Series amplifiers keep it super-clean with the lowest distortion in their class—and at .03% THD (20Hz-20kHz), we mean looooow. With frequency response that extends well above the audible hearing range, from 25Hz to 25kHz (0,-1dB), you’ll be sure to get the most out of your loudspeakers, too. We’ve even added a user-selectable subsonic filter (30Hz), so you can protect speakers without ultra-low frequency response from unwanted heat-creating, transducer-destroying subsonic frequencies. Simply put, FR•Series amps deliver high-power performance, with remarkable sound quality, across the full frequency range.

Modern Amenities
With all the connections to be made in the modern world, today’s amplifier needs a more professional connector scheme than your dad’s FR…or your mom’s for that matter. The new FR•Series amps feature not only Neutrik Speakon connectors for the channel A and B outputs, but also a separate Speakon for bridged applications. If you run your FR amps in stereo mode, the bridged Speakon output carries both amp channels A and B on its 4-pin connector scheme, allowing you to send a single 4-wire cable from the amp rack to your loudspeakers. Super-convenient…and just think of the cable cost savings. (See manual block diagram for details.)

Legendary Mackie Fast Recovery circuitry
FR•800 800W @ 4 Ohms bridged
FR•1400 1400W @ 4 Ohms bridged
FR•2500 2500W @ 4 Ohms bridged
Easily switchable mono/stereo/bridged mono operating modes
Separate Speakon® outputs for Channel A and Channel B
Third Speakon output for mono bridged applications: also provides both output channels on a single NL4 connector
30Hz subsonic filter for low-frequency speaker protection
Handles for easy transport and protection of level controls
Defeatable clip limiter
Front-panel signal and overload indication


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