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Here's where you'll find the most current software version, Owner's Manuals, Addendums, etc...
Think of it as HDR Central.

Note: PDF Downloads require Adobe Acrobat® Reader.


Version 1.4NEW!

V1.4 Build 420 Installer (PC) (.zip 2.4 MB) November 28, 2002
V1.4 Build 420 Installer (Mac) (.hqx 3.29 MB) November 28, 2002
V1.4 Build 420 Release Notes (.pdf 50 K)  November 28, 2002
Installer Notes (.txt 6 K)

Version 1.3

V1.3 Build 402 Installer (PC) (.zip 2.4 MB) September 17, 2002
V1.3 Build 402 Installer (Mac) (.hqx 3.29 MB) September 17, 2002
V1.3 Build 402 Release Notes (.pdf 46 K)  September 17, 2002
Installer Notes (.txt 6 K)
Version 1.2
V1.2 Build 331 Installer (PC) (.exe 2.16 MB)
V1.2 Build 331 Installer (Mac) (.hqx 2.97 MB)
Installer Notes (.txt 6 K)
Operation Guide (.pdf 2.2 MB)
If you prefer, we have split the guide into three managable downloads below:
   Operation Guide part 1
(.pdf 868 K)
   Operation Guide part 2 (.pdf 868 K)
   Operation Guide part 3 (.pdf 572 K)
HDR Editing Guide (.pdf 2.2 MB) This guide will introduce you to the editing tools and concepts.
HDR Technical Reference Guide (.pdf 8 MB) This guide gives detailed information on controls, indicators and functions, files and file management, the complexities of clocking, synchronization, and interfacing unique to the world of digital recording.
HDR Track Sheet (.pdf 48 K) Download this track sheet to help keep track of your tracks! 
HDR 8 Page Brochure  (.pdf 3.4 MB) Just in case you missed our 18 month marketing blitz...

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