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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for HMX-56.


A Complete Headphone Mixing Solution.

Your singer only wants to hear his voice and the keyboard. Your drummer wants a little of everyone, and lots of bass. Your bass player only wants bass, drums and vocals. And your guitarist still can't get enough of himself. Sound familiar?

Once again Mackie comes to the rescue, with the HMX-56 6-Channel Headphone Matrix Mixer. Whether you're recording a band in your garage, or mixing in a concert hall, the HMX-56 is a solid cure for the headphone/monitor mix blues. This convenient tabletop matrix mixer lets each performer dial their own customized mix and then send that perfect mix to a pair of headphones, a floor wedge or an IEM (in ear monitor) system. And in addition to delivering monitor mixes for up to six performers—the HMX-56 delivers the goods at output levels far beyond your run-of-the-mill headphone amps.

Power and Clarity
Competing amplifiers simply can't provide the clarity and output power that the Mackie HMX-56 can. Designed under the direct supervision of Greg Mackie, its six low-noise, high-fidelity/high power headphone amplifiers deliver crystal-clear audio at output levels seldom achieved by other wimpy headphone amps. So you can use the HMX-56 at full-on rock band rehearsals. And, in fine Mackie tradition, this unit is built like a tank for years of touring and abuse.

The HMX-56 is a cinch to use and easily connects to your current system.

  • Connect the main output from the main mixer to the main input on the HMX-56.
  • Connect up to four additional sources from either the main mixer, even the preamp-out from a guitar/bass amp, to the source inputs on the HMX-56. (All of these inputs accept either balanced or unbalanced line level signals)
  • Adjust the volume to a comfortable level.
Add some headphones, and performers can now dial in their own monitor mixes, freeing the engineer to concentrate on recording and mixing. In addition to recording studios, the HMX-56 also makes an excellent live, on-stage monitor mixer for wedges and in-ear applications.

New-Found Freedom for Engineers
One of the best "features" of the HMX-56 is the freedom it brings to the engineer. Put simply, when each performer takes responsibility for their own individual headphone mixes, the recording or live sound engineer can do what he or she does best—get good sounds and record and mix the band.

When everyone is satisfied with their own personal monitor mixes (and they will be), plug in an external reverb or other high-quality effects device into the effects loop. Each performer can now add reverb or another effect to the channels they wish. And you, the engineer, won’t be forever adding and cutting ‘verb.

Magnetic Labels
The HMX-56 comes with a convenient variety of printed magnetic labels to provide easy identification of all source inputs. Spare labels can be stored on the refrigerator door, or better yet, stick them on the underside of the unit so they're handy when you need them.

Six-Channel Matrix Mixer allows up to six musicians to dial in individual headphone mixes from main L/R and four additional input sources.
Designed to function equally well in the studio or during live performance.
Six low noise, high fidelity/high-power headphone amplifiers.
Effects loop with individual level control on each channel.
Powerful output for stage or studio use.
Magnetic labels provide easy input identification.
It’s affordable and it's only available from Mackie.
Frees the Engineer from an often time-consuming task
Onboard 120VAC/50-60Hz power supply—No Wall Wart!


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