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Round out your HRS120 with this Mackie product:





Studio Quality Active Subwoofer Technology.

If you're putting together a matched system, the HRS120 is designed to work in perfect harmony with our HR824, HR624 and HR626 Active Near Field Monitors. The THX-approved Mackie HRS120 is a 12" Active subwoofer ideal for applications where precise, low frequency reproduction, and flexible monitoring are a must. Designed for professional recording studios and film/video surround post-production facilities that require extremely accurate bass extension to 19Hz and below, the HRS120 is also an excellent choice for home theater surround sound installations.

What better way to power the subwoofer than with one of our acclaimed FR Series "Fast Recovery" power amplifiers? Our FR design uses low negative feedback, yet allows the amplifier to maintain low distortion and stability, even when driven into clipping. We built a beefy 400-watt FR amplifier for the HRS120, capable of extracting the maximum "thumpage" from the premium-quality 12" LF driver, without driving it into meltdown. Which brings us to the speakers...

The HRS120 subwoofer features a bottom-firing 12" die-cast frame woofer and a 12" passive radiator in the front. The unique passive radiator design provides a smooth response down to 19Hz—an astounding accomplishment for a cabinet of this size! And since the radiator is adding to the output at the lowest frequencies, very little distortion is generated because the woofer stays well within its excursion limits.

The HRS120 subwoofer features a bottom-firing 12" premium, die-cast frame woofer and a 12" passive radiator mounted in the front. This unique design provides smooth response all the way down to 19Hz—an astounding accomplishment for a cabinet this size! Since the passive radiator's output is effectively coupled to the room's air mass, the woofer stays well within its excursion limits, producing distortion-free deep, rich bass.

Passive loudspeakers require external power amps, crossovers, and equalizers, costing you extra money—and unless you're an electronics engineer, you just might be over- or under-powering your system, which could lead to expensive repairs! Since all necessary processing and amplification is included within its enclosure, the HRS120 stands out as an exceptional value. You can rest assured that all components are perfectly matched for performance and reliability—and thanks to our advanced manufacturing techniques, Mackie HRS120s deliver "high-end" performance without the high-end price tag. Just bring your favorite CD* to a nearby dealer and compare them side-by-side with the competition. You'll hear the difference right away.

* Please, no iPods. We love 'em too, but compressed music files aren't going to give you an accurate read on the bottom-end these monitors can deliver.

High-resolution Active subwoofer system designed for studio applications
Extended high-resolution output down to 19Hz
12” (305mm), extended LF transducer with 4-inch voice coil
Acoustically-coupled 12” passive radiator
Built-in 400 watt FR Series low distortion, servo feedback amplifier
Perfect for use with HR824, HR624 and HR626 Active Near Field Monitors
Adjustable high pass output for use with full-range monitors
Adjustable 60 to 110Hz crossover point
110Hz elliptical filter for Dolby® AC-3
0dB / +10dB Output Level switch for AC-3 and THX® Dot1 recording
Crossover Defeat switch for THX®
0 degrees/180degrees Polarity switch
Rotary Input Sensitivity control
Balanced XLR/unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs
Slave input and master output (XLR/RCA) for linking multiple slaves
1/4" phone jack for sub mute and satellite full range
1/4" phone jack for remote mute indicator
Power and Sub Bypass / Mute LEDs


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