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The Control Room/Phones matrix and level control is found on our 1202-VLZ PRO, 1402-VLZ PRO and the larger 1604-VLZ PRO. (The 1642-VLZ PRO has separate level controls for Control Room and Phones.) It's a mini-version of a popular 8•Bus feature that adds major monitoring, mixdown and metering flexibility.

Via a bank of switches you can select any combination of Main Mix, Tape in and Alt 3-4 signals for routing to the Control Room and Phones outputs and meters. It's perfect for monitoring tape levels and creating custom headphone mixes, because now – by picking Main Mix as your source – you can send a big "house" level to the mains, and a quieter, more listenable level to the control room feed or your headphones (so you don't fry your ears).

Another example: With a CD player or tape deck hooked up to Tape in, you can play music between sets by selecting Tape and then Assign to Main Mix. This sends your new music source out into the mains without your having to tie up an additional stereo input.

Here's another cool application. You can take your Alt 3-4 mix and, by assigning it to the Main Mix (in the Control Room/Phones section), effectively have a nice new submix to make mixing a horn section or drum set easier.

Basically, the Control Room/Phones section is an incredibly handy feature that widens your options during both studio and live sound mixing.


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