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Features Galore
The Onyx 4-Bus channel strip is a thing of beauty, and of practicality. It’s about attention to detail. All channel control sections are laid out with working ergonomics specifically in mind. Each control has been strategically placed for maximum functionality and ease of operation. Even the knobs got special attention…and a complete makeover.

The oversized Solo and Mute switches are physically separated by the main fader on each channel, in order to minimize the confusion that can sometimes occur during a hectic mixing session. Frequently used controls, such as faders, Solo and Mute switches, channel Assigns, Aux sends and our ultra-musical Perkins EQ section are placed closest to you, so you can work your magic with the greatest of ease.

Because Input Gain, phantom power, signal invert and the 100Hz HPF (High Pass Filter) switch are used mainly during setup and sound check, they are placed conveniently out of the way, at arm’s length. There if you need them, out of the way for the mix.

Take the tour of the channel strip at the above right, for more details.

Two Dedicated Stereo Inputs
The last two channels are specifically designed for stereo devices, like effects returns, stereo synthesizers, or other two-track playback devices. These are full channel strips with appropriate 4-band fixed EQ, all 6 Aux sends and channel master section.


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