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Onyx Blackjack, Onyx Blackbird ONYX Blackjack ONYX Blackbird

Work smarter, sound professional

Onyx Premium Audio Interfaces deliver ultra-professional recording quality and innovative features that make them really easy to use. Boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps and industry-leading AD/DA converters deliver unmatched fidelity, headroom and transparency for your recordings. Plus, features like true analog hardware monitoring simplify your workflow, allowing you to work like a pro and delivering the results you demand. From a simple, bus-powered desktop solution to a high-quality, 16-input front end for your studio, these interfaces offer unparalleled sonic quality and simplicity. It’s time to work smarter and sound professional with Mackie Onyx Premium Audio Interfaces.

PREMIUM ONYX PREAMPS: Unmatched fidelity, headroom and transparency

HIGH-END AD/DA CONVERSION: Cirrus Logic® converters with 114dB dynamic range (A-weighted)

TRUE HARDWARE MONITORING: Mono and stereo recording with zero-latency

PRO FEATURES: Integrated DIs, phantom power and expandability for flexible and simple studio integration

MAC/PC COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with most major DAWs, including Pro Tools® 9

RUGGED AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN: They are Mackie tough, and built for maximum workflow

Onyx Blackjack
  • 2x2 24-bit recording to Mac/PC
  • 2 Onyx mic preamps
  • 48V phantom power for studio condenser mics
  • 2 built-in DIs
  • True analog hardware monitoring in mono/stereo
  • Separate level control for monitors/phones
  • Includes Tracktion 3 Music Production Software
Onyx Blackbird
  • 16x16 24-bit/96kHz recording via FireWire/ADAT to Mac/PC
  • 8 Onyx mic preamps
  • 48V phantom power for studio condenser mics
  • 2 easy-access Super Channels with integrated DIs, low cut switches and inserts
  • Expandability via ADAT and word clock I/O
  • Dual headphone outs with independent level controls
  • Separate monitor, main and alt outputs
  • Powerful Blackbird Control DSP Matrix Mixer
  • Includes Tracktion 3 Music Production Software