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Round out your S225 with this Mackie product:


18" Passive Subwoofer


Stephen Jay, Bass Player for Weird Al Yankovic, On Playing Live Through Mackie SR1530s


A Professional Dual 15" Passive Loudspeaker, Designed by EAW

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In the legions of look-alike, sound-alike passive loudspeakers on the market today, the S225 Precision Passive Loudspeaker stands alone. This loudspeaker is the perfect professional solution for clubs, bands and DJs requiring the high output and superior low-end response of dual 15" drivers and a solid birch wood enclosure--while retaining the portability and durability required for touring.

Eyecatch 1 Precision Passive Loudspeakers represent the first passive speakers designed and tuned for Mackie exclusively by the Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) loudspeaker engineering team--the same folks responsible for designing loudspeaker systems for the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the Vatican. As such, the S225 was built from the ground up to offer the best performance of any loudspeaker in its class, which one listening test should quickly prove.

The S225's dual custom 15" high-output LF drivers (i.e. woofers) incorporate technology developed for EAW's large-format touring systems. This driver utilizes a long-throw design a 2.5-inch high-temperature voice coil for maximum punch, and years of reliability. The LF drivers are paired with a 1.75" titanium diaphragm high-output compression driver mounted on an acoustically transparent exponential waveguide horn. This provides a wide, controlled 90 x 40 coverage pattern and precise reproduction of the critical 1000 Hz – 20,000 Hz upper mid-range and high frequencies.

The S225 enclosure is constructed using both 18mm multi-layer Baltic Birch plywood and pressure-injected structural resin, ensuring sound quality and durability beyond other offerings in this class of loudspeaker. PVC vinyl covering and an industrial-grade steel grille repel the slings and arrows dished out in typical live environments, again with far greater effectiveness than the typical "rat fur" covering and nylon grilles found on competitive models. A carrying handle is integrated into each side for easy loading and transport.

Few things are as frustrating as having the wrong cable for hooking up. Connecting and setting up the S225 is a breeze. It accepts a speaker-level signal via either a Neutrik Speakon® connector or female 1/4-inch TS (Tip/Sleeve) connector, so now you don't have to remember to bring the proper adaptors either.

Precision Passive loudspeaker with transducer and crossover design by esteemed EAW engineering team
Wide-dispersion, ultra-low distortion, high frequency horn
Professional 18mm Baltic birch wood construction with pressure-injected structural resin
Dual carry handles for easy loading and transport
700 watts long-term power handling; 2800 watts peak
1.75" (44mm) titanium dome compression driver with optimized symmetric phase plug
Dual 15" (380mm) LF drivers with nearly indestructible high-temperature voice coils

Coverage Pattern S225

Frequency Response (–3 dB):
70Hz – 18kHz
Frequency Range (–10 dB):
46Hz – 20kHz
Max SPL Long-term @ 1m: 132dB
Crossover Frequency: 1300Hz
Input Type: Neutrik Speakon™ and female 1/4-in. TS jack
Input Impedance: 4 ohms
Power Handling: (RMS) 700 watts, (Peak) 2800 watts


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