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Round out your SRM350 with this Mackie product:


12 Channel Live Sound Mixer w/ Effects


Powerful, Studio-Quality Sound Is Now Ultra-Portable.

There's a reason that Mackie Portable Active Loudspeakers outsell everything else on the market 10 times over. Although we're far from the cheapest option, the Mackie SRM Series delivers sound quality that just isn't possible from other "powered" designs. Case in point, our SRM350. This "little brother" to the SRM450 puts the same studio-quality sound and renowned Mackie Active Technology into an even more compact package – great where space is at a premium.

Thanks to countless hours of R&D — and a very-hard-to-please Greg Mackie — the SRM350 delivers real, accurate bass down to 61Hz, midrange that's free from ear-fatiguing harshness, and detailed treble out to 22kHz. With innovative Dynamic Bass Boost for full sound at any volume level, a Contour control for precision response — and most importantly, award-winning Mackie Active speaker design, the SRM350 is in a class all its own.

Ever been stuck in the back or side of the room at a great show, wishing the sound didn't suck? We have; that's why we gave the SRM350 an acoustically non-resonant exponential waveguide, which allows for much wider, even dispersion of mid- and high-frequencies. A single pair of Mackie SRM350s can fill a medium-sized room with near studio-quality sound. Then you won't have to listen to the whine of your disgruntled customers, complaining about their bad seats.

In most loudspeakers, the compression driver that reproduces the mid- and high-frequencies is located deep inside the enclosure, while the low-frequency driver is much closer to the front. In this type design, treble arrives at the listeners' ears later than the bass, resulting in a loss of intelligibility. Our engineers bent the "space-time continuum" with our time-delay crossover and high-frequency waveguide to create precise alignment of the transducers. The end result is treble content that no longer vanishes into a black hole.

Anyone can build a box and stick some speakers in it (in fact, that's just what many of our competitors do). But low-frequency transducers (woofers) in square boxes often create resonances that reflect off the walls and pass back through the woofer cone out of phase with the main signal, muddying up the overall sound. Since there are no parallel surfaces in our asymmetrical, monocoque (pronounced mono-coke, Fr. for single-shell) enclosure, the SRM350 doesn't have this problem. We also added adiabatic foam damping material to soak up any unwanted internal reflections. Put simply, our innovative box shape makes sound, well, better!

It's okay you can admit it, most of the time your PA speakers are running full out. That's why we gave the SRM350 two powerful FR (Fast Recovery) series amps, each designed specifically for their respective high- and low-frequency drivers. You can trust these amplifiers to power our speakers to the "max," without any danger of pushing them beyond their limits. With the Mackie SRM350, you don't have to worry about amplification — you just plug-and-play.

Often imitated, but seldom matched, Mackie Active design circuitry extracts the most low-end from even the tiniest enclosure. Based on our award-winning HR824 studio monitor technology, the servo-feedback damping electronics within the SRM350 "lock" the woofer in place with the output of the LF amplifier in a way that no external amp and passive woofer ever could. This constant correction produces tight, articulate bass without the tubbiness, or distortion common among most small enclosures.

People keep telling us that SRM350s make terrific floor monitors. That funny shape (yes, we actually intended it to look that way) allows it to be tilted — and it sounds great. The SRM350 has incredibly smooth, spike-free response and dispersion over a wide range of treble frequencies. So you can turn up the volume without boosting those obnoxious, feedback-inducing spikes. No passive loudspeaker or specialized floor wedge in its class can compete with the Mackie SRM350.

2-way Active Portable Loudspeaker System with studio-quality sound for the road or permanent installation
Built-in 165W low- and 30W high-frequency power amplifiers with Active time- and phase-correction circuitry eliminates the need for external amps and crossovers
Waveguide horn and direct-radiating woofer for super-wide sound dispersion
Built-in mic/line inputs for maximum flexibilty
Rugged, lightweight, high-impact plastic enclosure looks great and can take the abuse dished out by constant transport and use
Asymmetrical box design ideal for PA and floor monitor applications

SRM350 Coverage Pattern

Ideal applications for the SRM350 include PA/music systems, corporate meeting rooms and halls, small nightclubs, coffee shops, small houses of worship, stage monitoring, remote broadcast and karaoke bars.


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