We switched from the original SRM’s Class A/B amps to Class-D amps because Class D offers significant benefits over traditional topologies such as:

Well if Class D amps are so great, why didn’t we just stop there? Because they have one pitfall—poor distortion characteristics, especially on transients. But our Fast Recovery circuitry takes care of that. It minimizes amp latching, thereby eliminating that pesky distortion problem.

So what the heck is latching? Essentially, it’s when the amp gets “stuck” in clipping mode. Amplifiers have the unreasonable task of taking line level signals of about one volt and amplifying them by nearly 300 times their starting point. Any type of quick transient, such as a kick drum or snare hit, puts extra pressure on an amp to deliver quickly. The latching effect is most prominent when the amp is near its clipping point, and we know this is where lots of folks like to keep their levels—pushed to the limit. Mackie’s Fast Recovery circuitry helps the amp to avoid latching and recover quickly, leaving your sound distortion free and clean as a whistle.