DSP for the outputs and groups on the TT24 is configured expressly for live sound applications. The main outputs, auxiliaries and groups have a special 6-band EQ: two bands of hi/lo shelving EQ, two sweepable mids, plus a pair of “kill filters”, anti-feedback filters with quick and easy manual control.

And using these filters is easy. You can simply tap the rotary encoder for one of these bands and to insert a –6dB narrow band filter at 1kHz. Tap again and it’s a sharper –12dB filter. A third tap produces a deep and narrow –18dB filter. Dial the knob to sweep this notch filter to the feedback frequency. Comp/limiters to protect amplifier inputs or in-ear wearers are also available on all of the main outs.

The TT24 allows the 12 Auxiliary sends to be stereo linked, giving you six built-in stereo in-ear mixes with EQ and limiting. The groups have ten channels of EQ and comp/limiting available. The eight Matrix outputs each have 600ms of delay for typical applications like delayed speaker systems. And last but not least, there are four internal effects processors.