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TT System 32


TT System 32: A Complete Plug & Play Digital Mixing System

TT System32 Digital Live Mixing System combines Mackie’s powerful TT24, DS3232, CAT-5 cable and U100 Network Card for a complete, plug and play digital live mixing system—just add stacks and racks. With 32x32 I/O, full DSP capability, total recall of all preamp parameters and remote stage connectivity and control, the TT System32 gives you features and flexibility at a previously “console-only” price point.

A Fully-Realized Digital Dream Rig
There is no arguing that the TT System32 is a powerhouse. The combination of the TT24 Digital Live Console, DS3232 Digital Snake and the U-100 Network Card should be nothing less. It can, however, be much more. Minimal effort turns the already powerful TT System32 into a fully realized digital dream rig. The DS3232 will act as a digital splitter when partnered with two properly equipped TT24s. Here’s how to create the mother-of-all digital live systems:

  • It all starts on stage. The DS3232 is loaded with 32 channels of analog I/O. Instant, remote recall and adjustment of input gain, pad and phantom power gives you all the control you need. Now acting as a digital splitter, the DS3232 sends all 32 remote controlled inputs to the FOH and monitor TT24.
  • All 32 inputs are routed to the monitor-position, ready for your 12 monitor mixes. All 12 aux sends are available on your DS3232 outputs.
  • All 32 inputs are also available at FOH. Easy, right? Your FOH main mix and matrix outs are simultaneously available on the same DS3232 as your 12 monitor mixes.

There you are… a decisively professional setup that you could load in all by yourself


TT System32 Components

TT24 Digital Live Console is a fully digital 24-bit/96kHz mid-sized console giving engineers full automation and recall of levels, EQ, effects, routing and more. And unlike other digital consoles that are designed primarily as recording desks, the TT24 puts gobs of standard analog and digital I/O right on the rear panel. Not to mention being far easier to learn and use by the average live sound engineer.


DS3232 Digital Snake puts 32 balanced XLR ins and outs of 24-bit/96kHz digital audio where it belongs…on the stage! Designed specifically for use with the TT24, the DS3232 carries 32x32 I/O up to 300 ft. via standard Cat-5 cable. Noise-free and impervious to RF interference, the DS3232 takes the hassle out of snake deployment.


U100 Network Card brings U-Net capability to the TT24 console, allowing for communication with external proprietary and 3rd party devices. The U100 card is essential for connecting the DS3232 Digital Snake and for linking two TT24 consoles in expanded channel-count applications.


Cat-5 Snake Cable. When it comes to actual snake deployment, a single lightweight Cat-5 cable (less than 10 pounds) allows you to place the snake-head up to 300 feet from the TT24 console. And in the event someone runs over the cable with a forklift, or an over-enthusiastic roadie accidentally chops it with an axe, replacement cables are as close as the nearest computer or consumer electronics store.


TT24 Expansion Cards

The TT System32 offers all the components needed to pull off a professional show. However, there are performances that may demand more. That’s why there is a whole host of TT24 Expansion Cards, which can add powerful features like additional DSP or enable massive linked systems for large-scale professional applications. So, expand your TT24 universe and check out the available expansion options.


UFXII DSP Expansion  Card

  • Provides additional DSP horsepower capability to TT24
  • Adds 24 gates, compressors and 4-band EQs to the TT24's Digital Bank (ch 25-48)
  • Enables 32, 40 and 48 mic input applications without sacrificing channel DSP


U100  Network Card

  • U100 Network Card Adds U-Net capability to the TT24 console
  • Enables communication with external proprietary and 3rd party devices
  • Required for DS3232 Digital Snake or dual-linked TT24 applications


OPT-24T  ADAT Expansion Card

  • OPT24T Adat Expansion card provides additional connectively and bandwidth to support 88.1kHz/96kHz adat I/O


LP48  Loudspeaker Processor Card

  • Dolby Lake Speaker Processing provides fully featured 2-,3-, or 4-way crossovers with delay and limiting. Output signals from the  LP48 card can be assigned to outputs on the rear panel of the TT24 or on the DS3232 Digital Snake
  • Ideal Graphic EQ™ offers up to ten channels of 1/3 octave GEQs with no adjacent-band artifacts so you only affect the intended frequency
  • Lake Mesa Quad EQ™ offers flexible shelving and parametric EQs with asymmetrical filtering for more effective control
  • User configurable processing; including three modes
    • EQ MODE: 10 insertable EQ modules
    • SPLIT MODE: 5 EQ modules and 2x4 loudspeaker processing
    • LOUDSPEAKER PROCESSOR MODE: 4X8 loudspeaker processing
  • Full library of Mackie and EAW presets for quick and easy system configuration, including Mackie’s S400 & S200 series and EAW’s KF, AX and FR Series professional loudspeakers
  • Dolby Lake Controller interface seamlessly integrates with the TT Control Software for quick and easy control of the LP48 features
TT24 Updates
New version 1.7.1 software and firmware is now available in the downloads section. Click here.


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