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TT System32: Complete Plug and Play Digital Mixing SystemMore Infoimage

TT System32 Digital Live Mixing System combines Mackie’s powerful TT24, DS3232, CAT-5 cable and U100 Network Card for a complete, plug and play digital live mixing system—just add stacks and racks. With 32x32 I/O, full DSP capability, total recall of all preamp parameters and remote stage connectivity and control, the TT System32 gives you features and flexibility at a previously “console-only” price point.

Flexible Routing and Digital Splitting
The TT System32 offers all the components needed to pull off a professional show. For performances that may demand more, a whole host of TT24 Expansion Cards add powerful features like additional DSP or the ability to create massive linked systems for large-scale professional applications. The TT24 Digital Live Console also has full I/O routing, allowing a user to digitally patch any channel or mix to any output, including the outputs of TT24 Expansion Cards.

This allows for a staggering amount of system configurations. Here are a few examples, highlighting the flexibility of the TT System32*:

FOH/MonitorLinked FOHMulti-track RecordingWith Analog SnakeWith LP48
FOH/Monitor Hookup Diagram (image)
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*These hookup diagrams are intended to show the flexibility of the TT System32. Some of the scenarios may require additional hardware/software updates that are not packaged with the TT System32. Please visit the TT24 Expansion Cards page and the TT Software Update page for more information.