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 What the heck is my.mackie.com?!
My.mackie.com is the place where you can register your products, manage your software licenses, and keep track of your product serial numbers. Think of it as your own personal digital filing cabinet here at Mackie! The site is divided into two sections: “Your Software Licenses” and “Your Registered Products”. “Your Registered Products” is the place to put the actual serial number off your product (the one found on the bar code in the serial number box). “Your Software Licenses” contains just that: your license and what the software is. If you see nothing in this box, but you own Mackie software, please make sure you’ve properly registered your software. See below for details.
 I have a question regarding Tracktion. What do I do?

As of January 24th, 2013, Tracktion is under new ownership, and all Tracktion upgrades, maintenance or other support issues are to be handled through Tracktion's new owner: Tracktion Software Corporation. If you have questions or concerns relating to your Tracktion licenses or account, or if you need assistance installing and/or operating Tracktion, please visit http://www.tracktion.com/support.


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