Voiced by EAW

If you haven't heard of EAW, allow us to fill you in. Since 1978, Eastern Acoustic Works has been building high-end live sound systems for venues where only the best and most reliable systems will do. Mediocre just don't cut it in their world. Think everything from worldwide concert and theatrical venues from Royal Albert Hall and Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, to The Vatican, where the Pope addresses the faithful. (see Fig. A)

EAW has the best transducer and electronic engineering minds in the industry, or world, for that matter. Not only are their brains beautiful, they have what's known in the business as "golden ears." You see, making the best speaker systems in the world isn't just about brains and expensive audio analysis, it's about how the system sounds that ultimately matters the most.

When EAW tackles a new loudspeaker design, they begin by choosing one of hundreds of sample transducers from manufacturers spanning the globe. They choose the transducer that comes the closest to meeting the criteria of their design (i.e., size, power handling, cost, etc). Next, they tweak the design of the selected speaker by beefing up every element, from the cones to the magnets. Then, and only then, do they have that particular design manufactured to exacting specifications. This ensures the kind of performance that can only be achieved when you have selected the "perfect" transducer for a given application. Once the transducers have been determined, the EAW team "tunes" the enclosure and custom-designed electronics (equalization, phase alignment, and time correction) with the finest parametric EQs and analysis software that money can buy. (see Fig. B)

Finally, the speaker is put into "The Pit," a 60'x40'x35' chamber specifically designed to recreate any acoustic situation a loudspeaker could possibly be subjected to. This is where the previously mentioned "golden ears" have the final say as to whether, or not, the design has earned the prestigious EAW logo. (see Fig. C)

Figure A - Royal Albert Hall

Figure B - Fine-Tuning Design

Figure C - "The Pit"