DJ Joe Bunn Brings It On with New Mackie SRM650

Aug 29, 2014
DJ Joe Bunn Brings It On with New Mackie SRM650

Joe Bunn has been making people dance for nearly three decades. The North CarolinaJoe Bunn SRM native, who started spinning records as a teen, founded Joe Bunn DJ Company in the late 1990s. Since then, the company has grown to a staff of more than 17 mobile DJs, covering around 400 weddings and another 200 events per year, including weddings, graduations, corporate events, and a host of other celebrations.

As Bunn explains, the key to his company's success and longevity is professionalism, on all levels. That includes the obvious - showing up on time, being courteous and respectful, being prepared - as well as the more subtle issues, like great sound and versatile, dependable gear.

"A lot of times, we'll show up for a gig, and we have no real idea what to expect," he explains. "We might be asked to set up way over in a corner, or up on a balcony, and we've got two or three hundred people down on the dance floor. We've got to know that what they're hearing sounds good, no matter where they are."

Musical performance is only one part of the equation. "We also play the role of MC, making announcements and such," he says. "When there are important announcements to make, it's got to be clear. When the father of the bride gets on the mic and wants to make a toast, it's important that everyone can hear every word."

Recently, Bunn added Mackie's new SRM650 powered monitors and SRM1850 powered subwoofers to the company's arsenal. A long-time Mackie user, he's got nothing but praise for the new SRM Series.

"We had some of the older SRM450s, and they served us really well," he observes. "They sounded good, they were easy to carry, and they're durable. But the new SRM Series is just fantastic. You can really tell that Mackie have put a lot of effort into redesigning these new cabinets. They look great, which is important for some of the very high-end ballrooms we work in. But more importantly, they sound great. I couldn't be happier."