DL Series Mixers Make Touring Easier than Ever for Steve Berlin of Los Lobos

Apr 05, 2017

Currently on tour, Steve Berlin of the band Los Lobos took some time to chat about his personal monitoring experience on the road with his DL mixer


First things first, tell us a little about yourself!
I'm Steve Berlin, and I am the saxophonist and keyboardist in Los Lobos in addition to an independent producer


How long ago did you start using Mackie gear and why

I've used a Mackie mixer as part of my live setup for probably 10-12 years now


What is some of your favorite Mackie gear from over the years?

The DL Series are definitely my favorite Mackie products


What made you switch from a VLZ mixer to the DL Series?

I had basically beaten my VLZ to a literal pulp over the years and when I saw the DL I got very excited. We try to travel as light as possible while we are doing a lot of fly out gigs and the DL allowed me to leave my hardware reverb and compressor behind thereby knocking off a good bit of weight and worry.


How do you use your DL806 in your live performances?
The DL is my main brain as it controls all my sends comprising two keyboards, my sax, and my flute. Having the built-in processors especially the compressor really allows me to craft my sound.

How has switching to the DL806 improved your personal monitoring experience?

As I mentioned I've cut out a lot of weight and two fewer things to break or go missing as often happens when you travel as hard and as often as we do. All of the signal processing is top notch and sounds great- actually better than the hardware I was using before. The visual interface is great and I'm glad I don't have to kneel down and try to figure out why the delay sounds weird as I used to have to do.


Any tips on using a DL Series mixer as a personal monitor mixer?

Beyond what I mentioned I feel like I'm still learning what it can do to a certain extent so ask me in a few months. I appreciate how hard your engineers worked to get it to sound so warm and solid- not at all what my previous experience had been with software mixers.