Great Onyx-i Review in Sept Issue of Recording Magazine

Aug 11, 2010

Recording_Sept10_Cover Check it out! Not on the shelves yet although be sure to stop by your local periodicals section starting in Sept. Great, in-depth review of the entire Mackie Onyx-i Series, with a nice detail piece on the Onyx 1640i.

Reviewer, Mike Metlay, had the following awesome things to say about Onyx-i:

With the Onyx-i mixers, Mackie takes a strong step forward, completely integrating the many great features of the Onyx products with a comprehensive and remarkably easy-to-use FireWire implementation.

This mixer [Onyx 1640i] pretty much nails the paradigm of the full featured analog front end for a computer recording system, giving you all the flexibility you could hope for and topping it off with amazing audio quality.

Enough said. Click here to check out the full review.

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