Home Audio & Content Creation

Mar 26, 2020
music enthusiast sitting at home studio setup of recording equipment

Home Audio & Content Creation

Whether you are an aspiring hobbyist, or a long time enthusiast, Mackie provides approachable recording & audio solutions that can be used to grow with your needs over time. Here you will find a number of products and informational articles that will help you find the perfect fit for your creative need.



Rugged, reliable, and budget friendly, EleMent introduces a new line of microphones that can tackle the vast majority of live and studio recording needs. The EM-USB is a professional quality condenser microphone that is perfect for podcasting, streaming, and other forms of content creation. This microphone features an on-board interface with gain control, mute button, and headphone monitoring, and allows direct connectivity to your computer (or smartphone).



For the traditionalist in all of us, or just for those who need a little more room to grow, our interfaces and monitor controllers offer complete autonomy over your home recording setup. Get high resolution recordings up to 192 kHz thanks to our legendary Onyx mic preamps. These solutions are perfect for singer-songwriters, and those aspiring to have the full home studio experience.


We've updated our popular CR line with a sleek and modern design that will fit perfectly into your home setup. CR-X continues a legacy of quality sound at an affordable price. This reimagined lineup has fresh new features, and now sports 8" speakers and an 8" sub! We recommend these monitors to gamers, musicians, and people who just take their sound a little more seriously than the rest.


Whether you are tracking in the studio, mixing on your laptop, or even holding a boom on a set – having accurate, sturdy headphones is essential. Building on our studio monitor legacy, MC Series headphones offer the clarity and accuracy Mackie is known for in professional designs. All models feature large custom drivers for clear, distortion-free sound with ergonomic headbands and ear pads for hours of listening comfort in the studio or on the go.


Crafted with you distinctly in mind, Mackie bundle packages range in variety to meet the needs of all our users. From aspiring creators to recording studio veterans, bundle packages include all of the basics you need for your specific application. Creators, Performers, Producers, and Studios alike will be jump-started with the essentials to get going!