Sep 30, 2009

FINALE_19More than eight straight days of driving, countless bad meals and a near infinite amount of straight up endurance  is now over. The Mackie European Road Trip is now officially done. We saw more dealers, customers and parking tickets than ever thought possible (just kidding, Mackie finance folks).




The good news? Europe is now fully indoctrinated the ways of Onyx-i and HD. The response was overwhelming: Both dealers and customers love the new Mackie gear. The HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers were a huge hit. They offer higher-output, better sonic clarity and certainly look better than anything out there. And since they are flyable (both horizontally and vertically) they are perfect for installs. The crew certainly appreciated how  lightweight they were and so is anyone who gigs around with a full PA system. Incidentally, HD subwoofers are right around the corner (HD1501, HD1801), creating a full-on HD system. Can't wait to get the reviews in for that...the whole system is simply amazing.



The all-new Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers also made big waves. Of course, since Mackie qualifies the new series to work with all major DAWs, including Pro Tools M-Powered 8, Logic, Sonar and more, it is easy to see what all the fuss is about. We  thought that would be the biggest news, but were really happy to see how interested everyone was in the feature set. Customers can now choose to implement the Perkins EQ into the recording path...which was a much sought after feature. The flexibility of the FireWire routing was also a hit. You can choose to route any channels, aux or the master L/R signal. The 1220i lets you route all of these at once and the flagship 1640i features 16x16 FireWire I/O for the ultimate tape-style mixdown. Onyx-i mixers are hitting stores now, go check them out.



The crew is now resting, Ben has stopped pointing at things and everything is pretty much back to normal around the office. We sincerely thank the hosting dealers for showing so much support for the brand and generally being nice guys.  Click on a link below to get details about that stop:

FINALE_14Confetti - Nottingham, UK

Digital Village - Romford, UK

Andertons - Guildford, UK

Star's Music - Paris, FR

Home Studio - Paris, FR

Bekafun - Izegem, BE

Music Store Professional - Cologne, DE

Music Produktiv - Ibbenbüren, DE

Feedback - Rotterdam, NL












So that's it. Although we need to give the van a rest, you can be sure there is another Road Trip right around the corner. Where will we visit next? It could be in a city near you. Will you get to meet/point at Ben in person?