John "OO" Fleming in Digital mixer scandal !!

Apr 03, 2006

HPIM0023.jpg HPIM0025.jpg Few people can claim to have been at the pinnacle of their profession for a sustained period of time, having enjoyed so much success and still be leading the way forward. John 00 Fleming, one of the dance music industries most revered personalities, is amongst a small band of people who can say they were responsible for igniting the spark of the scene we all know and love today. A DJ career spanning more than 20 years from the ripe old age of 15 has afforded John 00 the sort of experience that most other DJs can only dream of. Never afraid to push the boundaries in the projects that he turns his hand to, he is the owner of the hugely successful J00F recordings and hosts his own radio show on Ministry of Sound/DI.FM, the highly popular Global Trance Grooves. John celebrated his sixth year in the DJ Magazine Top 100 poll - a reminder that while many 'fad' DJs come and go, his rock-solid fan base makes him one of the few names capable of continuously filling clubs. He was also voted the 16th best DJ in the world on the massive Trance Addict site - an accolade that John was particularly honored by. John is a solid mackie user being raised on a staple diet of a 32:8 bus, then migrating to the Digital heights of a d8b. Now john can be seen Dribbling in his studio next to a brand new Digital X Bus 200. With total interaction between the Digital X Bus and his Logic G5 set up Mr Flemming is in digital Heaven.