Klypso Lands the Mix with Mackie XR Series Studio Monitors

Oct 21, 2016

If you haven’t yet heard of Klypso, chances are good you’ve heard his work. Klypso is a Grammy-nominated producer, a hit songwriter, and a crowd rocking DJ - yet through it all, he's an artist with a vision. Having worked with music industry icons such as Ne-Yo, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Flo Rida, Klypso now finds himself on a trajectory for super stardom. A Northern California native, Joseph Mourad (aka Klypso) is a curator of melodic stylings that combine Electronic, Dance and Alternative ingredients in the shaping of his own unique, infectious brand of Pop music. Drawing on diverging musical influences - from Sade to Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Green Day and 2Pac.

While he works extensively in Southern California, Klypso recently relocated back to his roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, setting up a new studio facility in the South Bay to work on hip hop and pop music. His monitors of choice: Mackie’s new XR Series.

“With pop music in particular, a lot of times my mixes get pretty dense, and it’s important to have a set of speakers that give me the clarity and definition I’m looking for,” Klypso observes. “With the XR824s, I’m getting a really nice, well-balanced sound without any extra hype or coloration.”

A classically trained pianist, Klypso brings a wide range of musical influences to his productions, from synths and beats to acoustic instruments. “With string instruments, I like to be able to hear all the detail — the articulation of the strings, the sound of a pick, all the air around the instruments,” he says. “The XR824 gives me that clarity.”

As Klypso points out, one of the biggest challenges is to create a mix that will translate well to a wide range of listening environments. “When I do a mix, I don’t know if someone’s going to hear it on a big club system, or on a pair of earbuds, or in a car, or wherever. So I try to listen on a lot of different sources. The mixes I’ve been landing on the XR824s have sounded good pretty much everywhere I play them back. I love the mixes I’m getting out of these XR monitors.”