Mackie DL1608 Delivers Big Time Wireless Control for UK Rugby Club

Nov 01, 2012
Welford Road StadiumUK-based Shine Systems has selected the Mackie DL1608 as the console of choice for the 24,000-capacity Welford Road Stadium, home of the Leicester Tigers rugby club. Founded in 1880, Tigers are the most successful English club since the introduction of league rugby in 1987. Director of Shine Systems and audio engineer for Welford stadium, Phil Taylor, explains The DL1608 was used to play music before/after the match and at half-time (both from the iPad and from a Macbook Air running Traktor), together with playing pre-recorded announcements and to control the match announcer microphones." Mackie DL1608 @ Leicester Tigers The large stadium is divided into 17 discrete zones and employs a robust wireless network that was perfect for the DL1608. "I was also able to walk round the ground during the pre-match build-up with just my iPad and adjust levels as required using the ground-wide wireless network." continued Phil. I would usually use a larger-format digital console for this, but I am confident that the DL1608 will have sufficient features and inputs (and it is certainly easier to carry!). Mackie is extremely excited that the DL1608 is getting out to customers worldwide. We've heard from a ton of happy users and are always eager to share a good application story. If you have your own application story, get in contact with us at with pics and details. Leicester Tigers LogoShine Systems