Mackie DL1608's Master Fader Control App v1.2 Available Now

Oct 03, 2012

Master Fader Updated to v1.2That's right, folks. Get rad. An updated version of the Master Fader control app for the Mackie DL1608 is now available. Master Fader v1.2 can be downloaded and installed directly on your iPad via the App Store. Or you can download it via iTunes on a Mac or PC through this link.

If you don't know what version you are currently running then you less nerdy than we thought and you can feel free to check by opening Master Fader and going to Tools > Help > About. You'll see the version listed near the top of the screen.

Here's the scoop on what's new with Master Fader v1.2:
  • iOS6 support - Yep, we had to. And wanted to, of course.
  • Added background recording - Yep. Keep your show recording while using another app - check p.45 of the Reference Guide for details
  • Record in higher resolution - Choose new 24 bit / 48 kHz option
  • Added rude solo and clear solo - Got something soloed and have no idea what because it's on a random aux layer? Now you can see and clear solos right on from the master fader area
  • Improved wireless discovery and connection reliability - Master Fader will discover DL1608 mixers more quickly and remain connected to them with increased reliability
  • Improved current parameter display - Current parameter display now chose the current channel system name [Ch 1] plus the custom-assigned user name [Kick].
  • Improved master channel ID button - Regardless of custom name and/or image, a small name resides on the upper-left corner of the master ID button. Now you can easily identify which output you're controlling
  • Output color change for easier ID - We've changed both the Aux 1 and Rev output colors for easier identification
  • Updated Reference Guide - All of these updates are described in the DL1608 Reference Guide. Check it out.
Mackie DL1608 Some of these updates came directly from user feedback. If you have ideas about what can make Master Fader better, please visit our user feedback forum. Thanks to all of you for digging the DL1608 and for supporting Mackie. We would hug you if we could. Of course, if you plan on coming to Winter NAMM in January just look for Ben and come give him a big 'ol hug. His body language may be saying no and so might his voice, but he is just being modest. Just walk in the room and keep yelling "Ben" until you can pick him out.

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