Mackie DLM Loudspeakers Keep DJs Busy - And Happy

Aug 12, 2014
Mackie DLM Loudspeakers Keep DJs Busy - And Happy

Dave Tutton is one of the Bay Area's veteran professional DJs. In nearly three decades of DLM DJspinning a regular schedule of weddings, graduations, and other social events, Tutton points to some of the many ways in which the game has changed.

"I have been DJ-ing fulltime since 1984," says Tutton. "One thing I have noticed in the last few years is that people are asking for more in terms of what they want their DJ to provide for an event. It used to be a wedding meant dinner and dancing. Now, people want us to do the ceremony as well. Another trend I've seen over the last few years is that people are tending to choose larger venues for their events, including outdoor spaces such as ranches."

The move to larger, and particularly outdoor events has created a need for wider coverage area, which means more speakers. But portability is still a critical consideration for mobile DJs, who often run events completely by themselves. The need for more power and portability naturally led Tutton to the lightweight Mackie DLM12 12-inch full-range powered loudspeakers.

"At the moment I have seven Mackie DLM12 cabinets and two DLM12S subwoofers," he says. "Since switching to the DLMs, my sound has never been better. It sounds beautiful - very full and rich. I had been using a single sub and it sounded really good, but adding a second sub really gave me the ability to cover a nice, wide area."

In addition to great sound, Tutton says the Mackie DLM's light weight and compact form factor have made a big difference logistically.

"You want to be able to offer a practical solution for these kinds events, and if you're overloaded with heavy, bulky speakers, it's harder to do so," he explains. "I have limited space in my SUV, and limited storage space for my gear, and I have to work within those limitations. The DLM12 loudspeakers saved me."

The versatile and lightweight Mackie DLM12 features an integrated dual input digital mixer with mic, line, stereo and instrument inputs and independent channel level controls. Features include a 3-band EQ and 16 great-sounding channel effects including reverb, chorus and delay and XLR/TRS combo and dual RCA connectors.

"For some events, I need to create a remote sound system, and the DLM's internal mixer is a great feature for that," says Tutton. "If it is a situation where I can not be there in the same room or can't DJ live, I can create a mix on an iPod and connect it to the back of the DLM12 and it doesn't take up any space at all. It's very compact and very practical."

With a regular roster of events in high-end venues, Tutton points to the DLM series' design as another advantage.

"Some loudspeakers can look a bit out of place in a very elegant setting," he observes. "But the DLMs are really nicely designed, and that appeals to event planners. The first time I used the DLM12s, I had an event planner come up to me and say, 'These look great. Thank you for that.'"