Mackie draws em in at Remix Hotel Miami

Apr 19, 2007
For the fourth year in a row, Mackie mixed it up at the Remix Hotel Miami from March 22-25, showcasing our latest DJ gear and a roster of cutting-edge artists. Mackie s own d.2 Crew presented daily gear demos, featuring next-generation Mackie DJ Production Consoles, the d.4 pro and d.2 pro, the MCU Pro control surface, as well as Tracktion 3, Mackie s premier recording and remixing software. The Mackie booth was especially busy this year, and was graced by visits from DJ royalty, including Biz Markie, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ AV, DJ Kid Capri, Grandmaster Dee, Bennie Bennasi, Mad Linx from BET s Rap City and Lil Jon. Check out our collection of pix remix-Booth2.jpg Is this a trade show booth or a party? We think this picture says it all. biz_markie.jpg Nobody beats the Biz. Not even Mackie's own Ronnal Ives. Sing it together now, "You... You got what I neeee-eeed..." djbuttnaked_jazzyjeff1.jpg The legendary Jazzy Jeff and the soon-to-be-legendary Ronnal Ives, Mackie's main man at Remix Hotel. DJIrie-Mackie2.jpg When Miami's own DJ Irie spins, people listen... and film. As the DJ for the NBA Champion Miami Heat, Irie's the coolest dude in one of the hottest cities on the planet. remix_Maseo-Mackie3.jpg Me, Myself and Mackie. The inimitable DJ Maseo getting some kicks on his "De La" d.2 pro console. Ronnal-Rich_madina4.jpg Anyone who's heard DJ/producer Rich Madina spin knows how deep he is. So it's no surprise that Rich needed to get micro on the Mackie d.4 pro console. Mackie's own Ronnal Ives provides the facts and figures.