Mackie Gear Steps up Production for Tanghalang Ateneo’a “BOY”

Feb 20, 2017

Application Story from Forerunner Technologies Inc, Philippines.


Mackie Pro Audio for Tanghalang Ateneo’a “BOY”

Ateneo utilized Mackie’s DL series mixer and compact SRM series speakers to help present Anna Ziegler’s “BOY”. Sound designer Teressa Barozo used a 6 speaker plus subwoofer system to deliver the play’s musical score and sound effects. Using the multiple speakers to give a certain atmosphere to different scenes. From filling the room with rock music to give the feel the of a rock concert, to simple sound effects from a single speaker to give the impression of its source. Even a tiny Mackie CR3 serves as an audio source from under the stage, playing out sound effects that are part of the scene, a record player, a tape recorder, etc.


The Mackie DL1608 serving as an audio routing mixer. Utilizing the six aux and main channels to supply the multiple speakers with individual signal feeds. Wireless control with the Master Fader app makes monitoring and tuning a breeze.

Five Mackie SRM350V3 Powered Speakers were set-up around the theater. Their compact size and light weight makes set-up quick and easy. An SRM1550 compact sub helps present the low-end of the audio score.


The production also used a Mackie CR3 Creative Reference powered multi-media monitor speaker. It’s small and can easily be hidden, but loud enough to handle the task of playing out additional sound effects essential for certain scenes.

Statement from Teresa Barrozo, Sound Design and Musical Score: “The Mackie audio system allowed us to explore various creative approaches in theater sound design. This helped in making the whole theater experience aurally engaging, aiding the audience in their journey as the narrative unfolds.”