Oct 10, 2008

Mackie - Story for eNews - Musotalk (september 2008) MusoTalk is Germany’s leading video website for musicians and producers, streaming more than 60,000 shows every month to the German-speaking audience. The site features reviews, interviews and articles written by musicians and producers and is a significant forum for the German music scene. The founder and host of MusoTalk (Non Eric) has a long history both as a producer and as a member of the musical instrument industry. He has released more than 60 club tracks on his LunaTec Trance music label alone, selling a total of more than a million albums worldwide.

There is more than a fair share of Mackie product reviews on the site, but Non Eric really had some great things to say about  the MCU Pro family of control surfaces.

“I have a long and wonderful relationship with Mackie products,” remarks Non. “I bought the first Mackie 8-Bus console that came to Germany and used a Mackie 1202 for all my live shows. They never let me down once. After I moved to a software-only setup, I went for the Mackie Control Universal. I think that it is the best controller for Logic on the market. Now doing my podcast is so brilliant because it is supported by all major music software applications. Now the MCU Pro even improves on an already great controller. Combined with the C4 Pro, any software becomes as intuitive to use as hardware.”

MusoTalk has also had some experience with the

HR624mk2 Studio Reference Monitors.

“I am using the Mackie HR624mk2s for my work. These great-looking speakers have an excellent sound quality and gave me a very accurate and natural sound. They are easy and fun to work with,” concludes Eric.

Mackie would like to thank MusoTalk for support Mackie products over the years and look forward to providing more excellent products for review.