Oct 12, 2009


Early in September, we released the all-new Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers. The initial response was very positive. The inclusion of the FW card, increased routing flexibility and (of course) the sonic quality of the Onyx pres and Perkins EQ was received very well. Heck, the flagship Onyx 1640i is already racking up the awards...

Anyway, AES was the public showcase for the Onyx-i line and the first chance for users to really get their feet wet. The feature set alone was enough to draw a crowd, but a lot of people were coming by for another reason. They wanted to see the interface that could work with 'em all. That's right, Onyx-i recording mixers are qualified by Mackie to work with just about any DAW out there.


Out of the box, every Onyx-i mixer will work with Logic®, SONARCubase®, Live, Final Cut Pro®, Tracktion™..the list goes on and on. What got everyone's attention was the news that, when using an authorized Mackie Universal Driver, the Onyx-i Series will work with Avid's Pro Tools® M-Powered™8. If that sounds interesting to you, just get any Onyx mixer and a copy of PTMP8. Then, visit our driver update page and, for $49.99, you can download the driver that makes it all happen.

Mackie customers have been asking for this for a long time and, boy howdy, we are excited to offer it.

So, AES attendees have proof-positive that Onyx-i mixers are the most compatible piece of recording hardware available. Maybe you should go to a dealer and check it out for yourself. We are confident that anybody who records, regardless of DAW choice, will love the sonic quality, ease of use and price of the new Onyx-i Series mixers.