Mackie UnMuted - August 17th 2021 - Thump Go, CR StealthBar - EleMent Wave

Aug 17, 2021
new Mackie product announcement Thump Go portable loudspeaker, CR StealthBar desktop soundbar, EleMent Wave wireless transmitter and receiver microphone system

Today we announce 3 new product lines, expanding on some of Mackie’s most popular series of pro audio gear. Whether you’re working from home, making music on the go, or creating some stellar content, you’re going to love what happens next.


Thump Go - 8" Portable Battery-Powered Louspeaker: the take-it-anywhere, Bluetooth® equipped, ultra-flexible, battery-powered loudspeaker. Control it right from your phone with the Thump Connect 2 app.


CR StealthBar - Desktop / PC Soundbar: CR StealthBar Delivers crystal-clear, punchy sound in a compact soundbar design for your computer desk. Connect via USB, Bluetooth®, or stereo 1/8” Aux in.


EleMent Wave - Wireless Microphone Systems: The ultra-compact EleMent Wave Wireless Microphone System features legendary sound quality, reliable performance, and easy setup for content creation, live streaming, and beyond. Transmit and receive clear audio signals using the EleMent Wave LAV or EleMent Wave XLR systems.