Sep 24, 2009

Header Mackie is on the road in Europe, showing off the all new Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers and the HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers.

Day Six: Music Store Professional - Cologne, DE

Van Condition: The air is infused with the smell of Chimay and Orval

Crew Condition: Beleaguered, but maintaining a professional aire about them


Ah, the road trip. Always sounds good at first, but boy are you ready to get home after a few days. However, that hasn't crept into the minds of the crew, obviously, as they are more energetic and friendly than ever. Perhaps they are growing accustomed to the European way of living. Sorry boys, but in America we have to work in August and you need to pay for your health you better just forget about it.

Music-StoreDay six finds the crew in Germany. Specifically, they are visiting the town of Cologne. Beautiful architecture and rich culture is everywhere. But alas, the boys are here to work, so they headed straight to Music Store Professional, which is located right in the heart of downtown Cologne. As such, it sees a tremendous amount of foot traffic during the busy workday.


Crowded-Professional The crew setup in their expansive (and impressive) demo room, which boast a complete stage and more loudspeakers than you can shake a stick at. Go ahead, shake one. Right now. They talked to a ton of customers and trained the staff on the new products. They got tons of great feedback, especially for the new Onyx-i Series mixers.

A couple of German pro audio magazines and blogger-types stopped by to interview the crew. They were really psyched to find out that the Onyx-i mixers were qualified by Mackie for use with Pro Tools M-Powered 8. It is truly big news for home recordists and touring bands alike. The-Miracle-of-Pointing

After rocking the place all day long, the boys actually got to see some sights. Ben's penchant for pointing has apparently caught on...

There are still two more stops on the tour, Music Produktiv and Feedback. So, please drop by if you are in the area. Otherwise, stay tuned for updates on the tour.