Sep 28, 2009

Header Mackie is on the road in Europe, showing off the all new Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers and the HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers.

DAY SEVEN: Music Produktiv - Ibbenbüren, DE

VAN CONDITION: Indescribable smells, unimaginable filth

CREW CONDITION: Wishes they were in Germany for Oktoberfest, but still thinking it's a really nice place

Music-Produktiv Kent-@-ProduktivDay seven marks the second day visiting dealers in Germany. Today's stop is at Music Produktiv, arguably one of the largest and coolest retail locations in Europe. You simply cannot miss its massive orange-ness as you approach it when driving the autobahn.

And that is a good thing, because people come from far and wide to shop at Music Produktiv and participate in the many demos and training sessions held here. The crew setup the new gear in the massive live room and spent a few hours training the recording and live sound staff on both the HD Series loudspeakers and the Onyx-i mixers.

Onyx-i-@-Produktiv The recording guys really loved the Onyx-i series. In fact, Ben and Kent were not sure they would be able to take the mixers with them to the next stop, but they managed to pry them out of the staffs hands before packing up. The 820i, in particular, was a big hit. The staff was certain that it would be perfect for the thousands of DJs and producers that shop at Music Produktiv. They even gave a cool nickname, "Kleine geil", which roughly translates to "Little Bad Ass" or "Little Hottie." We like it.

All in all, Germany has been a great place to showcase the new Mackie gear and anyone in the area should definitely stop by Music Produktiv. Just make sure you plan to spend some time there. Like we said, it's massive!


There is but one more stop on this tour. Looks like product manager, Ben has had enough of the road and he went back to the states. Looks like Kent is one his own as he travels to Rotterdam, NL and visits the team at Feedback. We will have updates soon.