Sep 21, 2009

Header Mackie is on the road in Europe, showing off the all new Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers and the HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers.

DAY THREE: Andertons, Guildford UK

VAN CONDITION: Smells of bangers and mash

CREW CONDITION: Also smells of bangers and mash

Andertons HD-AndertonsAndertons' is easily one of Britain's largest outlets for musical gear, with a great online store for web purchases. It's a great shop with a very enthusiastic staff. Our crew rolled up bright and early, ready to demo the latest Mackie gear.

The boys set up the Onyx-i rig in Andertons' mixer room and there were plenty of interested people. People loved the feel and look of the new series and really appreciated the fact that it is compatible with virtually EVERY DAW out there. No, really...check it out. The PA room was the perfect venue for the HD Series loudspeakers and the TH-15A. The HD speakers get really loud, so its always nice to have an isolated place to really crank them up.

Woody-@-AndertonsThe store was busy and there was a lot of customer interaction, but the guys were able to give one-on-one demos to every staff member. So, if you are near Guildford, you can count on the knowledge of their staff.

After the goodbyes were said, product manager Ben was left to his own devices. He was tasked with driving a van that seated the driver on the left, but had to manage driving on the left side of the road. With the narrow streets he was about to face in Paris, this would prove to be a test of Ben's driving skills. Plus, to get there, he needed to load the van onto a train that would traverse the Eurotunnel to France.Ben-in-the-Eurotunnel

We wish you the best of luck, Ben. Drive safely! The next stop is a double-stop, as we will visit both Star's Music and Home Studio in Paris. Stay tuned.